8 Oct 2020


What if Scrabble was fast and was instead about making your own little crossword grids instead of making a grid together? Bananagrams lets you live that dream! You start off with a collection of fifteen friendly letters, waiting for you to arrange them in a lovely crossword grid, until someone says "peel" and suddenly you have to draw an extra letter and of course it's a Q and you haven't found a U yet so you say "split" and return the Q and somehow draw an X and a Z instead and now you have to deal with these garbage letters and oh someone else said "bananagrams" and won because there are no more tiles to draw.

Lasts roughly five to ten minutes, unless you're all really bad at words. It's suitable for pretty much any player count, although I'd likely not go above ten people because then there won't be many tiles available to each player.