Tales from the Loop RPG Starter Set


10 Feb 2022


All the tools you need to begin playing Tales from the Loop RPG in a box, it includes:

  • An illustrated rulebook explaining how to play the game
  • A complete Mystery called The Recycled Boy
  • Five pre-generated characters ready for you play
  • A large, full-color map of land of the Loop
  • Ten engraved custom dice

In Tales from the Loop, you play teenagers in the late Eighties, solving Mysteries connected to the Loop(World’s largest particle accelerator). Choose between character Types such as the Bookworm, the Troublemaker, the Popular Kid and the Weirdo. Everyday Life is full of nagging parents, never-ending homework and classmates bullying and being bullied.

The Mysteries let the characters encounter the strange machines and weird creatures that have come to haunt the countryside after the Loop was built. The kids get to escape their everyday problems and be part of something meaningful and magical – but also dangerous.

Supports up to five players and a GM

Play time for The Recycled Boy : 4-6 hours

Tales from the loop