Their Eyes Were Watching God

Their Eyes Were Watching God
18:00-22:00 Tuesdays H3.05

Behind the milling crowds and ancient streets of London, mystic powers move. Conspiracies meet and battle, angels and demons clash in cold war and wielders of magical arts twist the city to their wills. The shadows of the Smoke are deep, and many things hide within them - who better to lay such secrets bare, though, than those all-but native to such dark waters?

Their Eyes Were Watching God is an urban fantasy game focusing on espionage, investigation and mystery. Focus is placed on narrative and roleplay over combat and optimization. Likewise, while the game does have a plotline a great deal is decided by player choice.

There are many possibilities for characters - CofD character creation is notably less prescriptive than D&D or similar - but the main choice is whether to play a mage (a gnostic magic-user who has seen a Supernal truth behind reality) or a demon (a biomechanical angel fallen from the service of the inscrutable God-Machine).

Currently, the players are investigating the works of a pair of occult architects, Simon Ellsworth and the mysterious Burgess.

If you're interested at all, feel free to follow this link and chat with us:

Run by: Alex ( QafianSage )

Players: 4/4