T2 W10 Draft - Battlebond Flashback

T2 W10 Draft - Battlebond Flashback
Tuesday 10th March, 6-10pm B2.02

To end term 2 with a bang, we'll be having a Battlebond flashback draft!

Buy-in: £8 per person
Prizes: Easter eggs and promos to the winning pair

Battlebond is an exciting departure from a normal limited draft - it is a two-headed giant draft. I advise you read up on how the draft is performed here.
I also advise finding yourself a partner in advance, and signing up at the same time as them. If you're looking for a blind date, we will pair up any singles on the day ;)
Remember, you must sign up here in order to reserve your space on the day. Sign ups are first-come, first-served.

Note: if you sign up, please make sure to turn up. You'll be blacklisted from future special drafts that require sign-ups if you do not give sufficient warning or apology in the case that you cannot turn up.


Run by: Ares ( morrowkei )

Players: 16/18