T3 Week 4 Mystery Booster Draft

T3 Week 4 Mystery Booster Draft
12/5/2020 6 -10 pm Discord!

Mystery Booster

Online Mystery Booster Draft

We will be running digital drafts!
Check out the full schedule for upcoming draft sets.

Buy-in: Free
Prizes: Promos

How it will work:

Dr4ft will be used to draft the set (it’s an in-browser online draft, so no need to download anything for this). Please download Cockatrice and make an account. You can then import your draft deck list and compete in the usual best of 3. There will be 3 rounds. A promo will be given to the winner of each draft sesh eventually (or posted if you are no longer here next year).

Note: if you sign up, please make sure to turn up. You'll be blacklisted from future special drafts that require sign-ups if you do not give sufficient warning or apology in the case that you cannot turn up.

Ran by: Henry ( hoph19 )

Players: 6/50