Megagame II: The Depths

Megagame II: The Depths
Sunday 13th Sep, 11am-6pm Discord


ALTANTIS Submarine AI (Discord)

Earth’s surface used to be 71% water. Some people now like to joke about renaming it Aqua, as that number is now closer to 100%. The survivors of humanity stubbornly cling to life in underwater bases, clustered around what were once mountain peaks. The populations of these bases are still adapting to life under the sea, and their homes are largely still works-in-progress, frantically tended to by mechanics and engineers desperate for more than their meagre supplies.

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Tabletop runs a Megagame II: Electric Boogaloo "The Depths"

When: Sunday 13th Sep, 11am-6pm
Where: Discord!

That's right, Covid isn't going to slow us down (much) in the events we run. We're running The Depths, a brand new custom Megagame created by our own in-house team, designed to be played over Discord!

For those who don't know, Megagames are giant, collaborative board game/RPG hybrids played with teams of people rushing around panicking. Last year, we ran our first Megagame (Watch the Skies) to great success.

So, prepare to race around a flooded Earth in your own yellow submarine: pick up treasure; negotiate with underwater bases; and investigate rumours muddying the water! There will be action, there will be politics, and there will be squids.

Teams will be organised into individual submarines with 3 crewmembers per sub (Captain, Scientist, Engineer), each having their own hidden channels in a specially organised Discord (coming soon). Each sub will be part of a faction with their own goals in this new, underwater world. Additionally, there's a 2-person News Crew, who will have their own goal of writing and distributing the news to everyone!

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Additionally, if you'd like to support the effort of hardworking team who created this, and donate to the society's wellbeing in a post-Covid budget, you can donate here (all funds go directly to the society).

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Ran by: Finnbar ( finnbar ) , Timothy ( Lawful_Tim ) , Jon ( Jon_Bell ) , Ares ( morrowkei ) , Anna ( Anna ) and Alex ( Alder )

Players: 33/33

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