Modern League Week 7

Modern League Week 7
1/9/2020 6 -10 pm Discord

Modern League Week 7

Buy-in: Free
Prize: Satisfaction of winning (maybe promos)

How it will work:

Please download Cockatrice and make an account. You can then import your modern deck list.

1) Sign-ups will go on up on Friday! (please remember to put your discord name on your society website account!)
2) Match pairings will be done by Sunday evening. Each person will have three matches to play, please use Cockatrice!
3) You have until Friday at 10 pm to organise yourself to play the one-hour matches with your corresponding pair. Then could one person give me the results of each match using this link:
4) Tuesdays from 6:30 pm to 10 pm will still be modern night and you should try and get your matches done on that day.
5) I will announce the winners when I release the next sign-ups

Note: if you sign up, please make sure to turn up. You'll be blacklisted from future special drafts that require sign-ups if you do not give sufficient warning or apology in the case that you cannot turn up.

Ran by: Henry ( hoph19 )

Players: 6/100