F.I.S.Ts of Fury

F.I.S.Ts of Fury
Wednesday 6-10(ish) FAB 3.25


Since the Kickstarter of the game I was planning to run in T1 is yet to deliver (I'm not mad I promise), I'm running what I was planning to run in Term 2 in Term 1! My logic is flawless! Flawless, I say!!


F.I.S.T is a really cool and innovative RPG published by CLAYMORE (the all caps is important). Players take on the role of agents of F.I.S.T a company of paranormal mercenaries with extraordinary powers who operate in the shadows. Its' a fast-paced and fairly high-lethality game, but one that emphasises flexibility and innovation rather than just shooting your way through whatever problems you encounter (although that is certainly a part of the game as well). The system is simple, d6 based and can be learnt in about an hour.

You will need

A device that can access the internet
d6s. I can lend you some, but you may need your own supply as well
Something to take notes with.


F.I.S.T, by design, is not a game that takes itself too seriously. It's a loving tribute to the John Le Carre/Mission Impossible/Daniel Craig-era Bonds- style spy genre that also incorporates the silliness of Austin Powers and Monty Python and the sheer variety of Star Trek, but with less offensive humour and more offensive weaponry. I will be offering a full suite of safety tools, with Lines and Veils and the X-Card in full use, as well as tailoring the content of the game to be whatever it is you (the players) want it to be- which will be a separate discussion. However, this is a game that will have violence, crime, references to illegal and immoral actions and other real-life nastiness in it. Please be mindful of this.

and now a brief advert break

Things going bump in the night? Local despots engaging in illegal activity? Random paranormal sightings? Government refusing to act?

CALL F.I.S.T- your Freelance Infantry Strike Team

We specialise in a subtle, discrete and targeted threat resolution methodology with minimal collateral damage ASSURED!

From sentient toasters to aliens, vampires to rogue AI, all the way to incursions of gibbering horrors from Beyond, we can handle any and all situations, and offer cost-effective solutions to your every need.

~~[please for the love of all the powers, holy, unholy and inbetween we're so broke] ~~

Run by: Ben ( nasenbaer23 )

Players: 5/5