Mystery booster phantom draft - Saturday 28th

Mystery booster phantom draft - Saturday 28th
12pm Saturday 28th Tabletop weekend

Mystery Booster Convention Edition Phantom Draft!!!

Given its tabletop weekend, I want to play magic! On Saturday I'll be hosting a phantom draft (i.e. It's free to draft but I keep all the cards). I'll also bring along some cammander decks to play so we can jam those after.

Start time will be 12pm, so we should finish by 6pm ish and can then order some food and play commander.

What is the set?
- Mystery Boosters are basically chaos drafts in a box, full of random cards from all over magic's history. That means there aren't any typical synergies or archetypes like you would expect to find in a normal set, instead you have to rely on a bunch of jank and find your own synergies! There will be the usual colour themes like blue white has flyers, green red has large men, etc but you'll see a lot more wacky stuff!
- convention edition boosters have playtest cards. These are cards not legal anywhere other than the draft, and are a bit like uncards. They're meant to mimic the unbalanced nature of cards before their design is finalised, and are also allowed to do some weird stuff that isn't quite allowed in the rules...
- for more info, take a look at:

Run by: Ross ( rossjsg )

Players: 8/8