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Posted 5 years ago

2019 AGM Date: Wednesday 27th February, 6-8pm LIB.1

(during Week 8 boardgames)

You can find the Facebook event here - please RSVP so we know how many people will be attending!

What's all this about?

The deadline for proposing Constitution-changing motions (that we can vote on during the AGM) has now passed; however, we have a new deadline for you.

You can suggest amendments to these motions until Tuesday 26th February, 6pm.

Here is a document of all the motions that met the deadline:

What happens if I want to suggest a new motion or amendment after their respective deadline?

Deadline date reminder:
Proposing Constitution-changing motions: Tuesday 19th February, 6pm
Proposing amendments to Constitution-changing motions: Tuesday 26th February, 6pm

These deadlines are mandated by SU By Law 5 Appendix A and under advice from the SU democracy team. We have to give 7 days notice of any motions that change the Constitution to our society members. As such, past the deadlines, we will have to organise an electronic vote for anything that comes up as soon after the AGM as possible (allowing the 7 days notice and additional time for the SU to set up this vote on our behalf).

How do I propose my amendment?

You can comment on this thread to suggest an amendment! First, preface your comment with the number and title of the motion, as seen in the pdf linked above. Then, write up your amendment. There's no set format, but be as precise as you can. I would suggest copy pasting the motion, amending it to how you want it, then bolding/italicising all your amendments to make them clear. And then I'd write a description of the amendment you've made and a reason why in a new paragraph afterwards.

Any questions?

First, check the FAQ here: to see if it's already been answered. If not, comment there with your question, or ask an exec on our Discord server, on Facebook, or in person.

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Posted 4 years, 11 months ago

Not sure if this is strictly relevant or important, but in the interest of saving time on the day, I'd be happy to second any of the motions 2.2, 2.3, 2.11, 3.2. I also understand if you'd rather keep the fun on the day of having people second in person - but figured I'd state my feelings here.

-Callum Marvell (Eggs President)

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