🥚 EGM: 2021 Edition (meeting details and motion suggestions)

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Posted 2 years, 7 months ago

Oh no.

It's time for an Eggstraordinary General Meeting (EGM) 🥚

💨 Quick Details

📅 Date: Wednesday 21st July
Time: 7-9pm
🗺 Location: Microsoft Teams - join the Team - join the meeting
🙇‍♀️ Returning Officer: Anna (outgoing Web Admin)

❓ Wait... What's an EGM?

An EGM is much like an Annual General Meeting (AGM), but held in times of great need. Okay, that might be a bit dramatic. Basically, we call an EGM whenever we need to bring the whole society together to discuss (and perhaps vote on) important matters that cannot wait until our next AGM. This could happen if we need to change the constitution, or if we need to elect a new exec member, for example.

For more details about AGMs (and by extension is mostly applicable to EGMs), please consult the old FAQ I wrote several years ago and that has never been updated since (but is still pretty good, if I do say so myself).

📋 Orders of Business at this EGM

We have called this EGM to address 2 main matters (and anything else that may or may not be put forward by you wonderful folks...):

  1. A moderation guide for our Discord
  2. Renaming Casual Card Games (CCGs)

Please note that we will not be holding elections at this EGM! Phew.

🕐 1. A moderation guide for our Discord

It was motioned at our recent Term 2 AGM that we should probably do something about the way our Discord is moderated, and write a moderation document (please read the full motion for details). We have now (almost) written this document, and we wish to consult the society as a whole on this matter. We would like to first facilitate a discussion on its contents and address any issues/comments/complaints/constructive criticism that may arise. This document does not necessitate any constitution-changing, so does not need quorum to be voted on, so regardless of turnout we will do a vote (which will be hosted here on our website for 4 days after the EGM ends, closing Sunday night) on the document to gauge whether you, as members, are happy with it.

We will be releasing the document closer to the EGM in this thread as part of a motion, and will announce when we do so via our Discord and our Facebook page.

🕑 2. Renaming Casual Card Games (CCGs)

It was recently raised by our CCGs exec, Jamie, that CCGs might be more appropriate as "Collectible Card Games," rather than "Casual Card Games." If this name change were to take place, it would be constitution-changing, and would therefore need a vote at an EGM that has quorum. A full motion on this matter will be posted in the thread below. We would like to facilitate a discussion on the topic, then a vote (which will again be hosted here on our website for 4 days after the EGM ends, closing Sunday night) as to whether to rename CCGs from "Casual" to "Collectible."

🕒 3. Any Other Business (AOB)

If a member wishes to propose any other matter to be brought up at the EGM, they may do so in the thread below. Motions should be of the following format:

On Hats

The Society Notes:
1. That very few members routinely wear hats to games meetings

The Society Believes:
1. That hats are easily and cheaply obtained from many retailers
2. That hats add a jaunty air to proceedings, and encourage good cheer.

The Society Resolves:
1. To require each of our members to wear at least one hat during the board games session.

Please read the section below ("Really Important Things to Note") before writing your motion(s), to see whether or not you are eligible to do so, and what formalities must be adhered to.

⚠ Really Important Things to Note!

  • Constitution-changing motions (a.k.a. the CCGs name change in this case) must have quorum for the vote to be valid. We have 132 members currently, so that's a quorum of 20.
  • Constitution-changing motions MUST be proposed no later than 7 days in advance of the EGM. This is Wednesday 14th July, 7pm. Any constitution-changing motions posted after this deadline will not be considered at the EGM.
  • All other motions that do not change the constitution should be proposed no later than 24 hours before the EGM. This is Tuesday 20th July, 7pm. We will be able to consider motions like this ad-hoc at the meeting, but would really rather see them beforehand so we're not thrown into the deep end!
  • Anyone who has been a standard society member from 2 weeks (14 days, aka Wednesday 7th July, 7pm) prior to the EGM may propose and vote on motions (constitution-changing or otherwise). Associate or Honorary members of a society may not propose or vote on motions, though they can suggest motions to a standard member if they feel that member would like to propose them in their stead.
  • All motions must have a proposer and a seconder. Both must fulfill the conditions above.

Thank you for reading this far! I hope to see you at the EGM in a few weeks 😊 If you have any questions, please either post them in this thread, contact the returning officer or an exec on our Discord server (or PM me on Discord @dovahbutt#7544), or contact our SU email address.

~ Ares, VP 2021-22

TLDR: we are running an EGM to discuss Discord moderation guidelines and renaming CCGs on Wednesday 21st July, 7pm. Be there or be a a regular quadrilateral.

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Posted 2 years, 7 months ago

(Written by Jamie in consultation with the rest of the exec)

On the renaming of Casual Card Games to Collectible Card Games

The Society Notes:

  1. That point 4.1.5.f.iv of our constitution, under section 4.1.5 Event Reps, currently reads:
    • Casual Card Games Rep, which runs the weekly Casual Card Games session.
  2. That, when advertising for events that are targeted at newer players, new players only seem to read the title of the event rather than reading the event description.
  3. That we've had new players at our events who are confused about the kinds of games that we provide support for. They often think that we provide support for games such as Uno or Bridge, but these games are better supported by other areas of the society or by other societies.
  4. That most people who recognise the acronym CCGs will often recognise it as Collectible Card Games, and that this is a term that is inclusive of all of the games we are looking to support, from traditional games such as Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh to Living Card Games such as Android: Netrunner.
  5. That all of our events are casual and inclusive, yet no other event needs to put "casual" in its name to foster that kind of environment.

The Society Believes:

  1. That a casual environment can be fostered by our Casual Card Games Rep without necessarily needing to have casual in their job title.
  2. That the name Casual Card Games is so vague as to be misleading, which creates unnecessary stress for our Casual Card Games Rep. This is because they have to, in addition to explaining the kinds of games we do provide support for, also explain the kinds of games we don't provide support for such as Uno or Bridge. This is often done by using the name Collectible Card Games.
  3. That Collectible Card Games is a more precise and communicative term for getting people who might be new to these kinds of games to understand at least a little bit about what we do at our Casual Card Games events.

The Society Resolves:

  1. To alter point 4.5.1.f.iv of the constitution to read:
    • Collectible Card Games Rep, which runs the weekly Collectible Card Games session.
  2. To, henceforth, advertise the weekly Casual Card Games session as Collectible Card Games.
  3. To edit any media that is maintained by the society and that pertains to the present to rename Casual Card Games to Collectible Card Games.
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Posted 2 years, 7 months ago

On Discord Moderation, Again

The Society Notes:

  1. At the last AGM, the motion “On Discord Moderation” was passed, which mandated the Web Admin, Welfare Officer and ED&I Officer to create Discord Moderation Guidelines and appoint moderators. The former has since been done, and these guidelines are attached to this motion.
  2. All of the points in that previous motion (that the Discord sees much use, and that no guidelines exist for moderating said Discord) still hold.

The Society Believes:

  1. That we should still follow through with the results of that previous motion.
  2. That with A-Level (and similar qualifications) results being released August 10th and thus an influx of new members at that time, we should put this into action sooner rather than later.

The Society Resolves:

  1. To follow the attached guidelines and immediately look into appointing up to four moderators (which may also come from the Exec, but we aim to have at least two non-Exec moderators). This process will aim to have been completed before August 10th.
  2. To introduce a suitable moderation bot, such as Carl-bot, to the server to perform the duties mentioned in the attached guidelines. The bots currently present on the server will also be reviewed to avoid bot bloat (having too many bots on the server).
  3. To put the attached guidelines into effect once the above points have been put into action.

The guidelines can be found here. Please have a look through them if you are interested!

EDIT: Please note that there is an additional document linked about various discriminatory behaviours. This was previously a dead link, but it has been fixed now that the linked document is complete. Thank you again for your patience!

If you have any questions, please ask them in this thread. Furthermore, if there are non-trivial changes that you would like made, please also discuss them here. By doing this, we can avoid having to make smaller fixes during the EGM (but of course you can still bring these up during the EGM, just it is much easier to make fixes when there is time) and allow people to vote on larger changes through extra motions if need be.

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