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D&D 5E

The year is 1000, and the land of Albus prospers. Arriving atop a mighty feathered beast, five adventurers seek out a bright new future, peerless fame, and ample fortune in the prodigious city of Strelitzia.

And yet, in slumber and silence, something bleeds...

Echoes is an (unoriginally titled) 20 week/2 term campaign set in the homebrew Albus confederacy and is intended for five players, three of whom will be from a previous campaign where I (Charles, DM) was a player.

Quick Rundown:
• PHB races only, plus no half-orc or dragonborn
• All else in WoTC books should be fine
• If you want to use homebrew/UA, please send it to me to check over first
• Character-driven campaign with opportunities for character development
• Starts at 2nd level, should finish at 9th
• Built with a main story in mind, not a 'sandbox' campaign but plenty of choice
• There will be a session 0 to work out character sheets etc. but would be nice to discuss ideas beforehand. (The more thought you put in to backstory etc, the more you will get out of it)
• My first time DMing a campaign. Fairly confident with RP, but still need to improve with managing combat
• Campaign tone varies from near parody to gothic horror, but generally serious
• Balanced between unique combat encounters and intrigue adventures
• Open to brand new or experienced players

I would also strongly advise you to have a read of the setting/rules document I've made so you can better understand what you might be getting into. It may help you decide if this campaign is for you!
It can be found here:

If you wish to join, please shoot me a message on here or discord (Chudd#5430, you can find me on the tabletop server) so I can add you on Facebook. This way, I can make a chat with everyone in it ASAP on messenger.

Ran by: Chudd

Players: 2/2