Deadlands One (or two) Shot

Deadlands One (or two) Shot
Saturday 5th October TBD


Deadlands Reloaded

So I had fun on Saturday running through the short Wild West romp with people. I like to think the players enjoyed it too, but that seems of secondary importance really.

At some point I plan to launch into an extended Deadlands campaign with some unnecessarily epic scope. But I'm holding off on that one for the time being.

For now I'm looking to run another short, low commitment game. Starting the weekend of the 5th and taking no more than a couple of sessions. (I think. And it could only be one. Depends how quickly everything goes south).
Character Sheets are premade and any level of experience is good (Although the less Deadlands specific knowledge the better). Anyone who played on Saturday, it's the same set of characters I'm afraid. But a whole new adventure to ruin them in.

For precise details of the story you'll have to come and see. But if the idea of a romp around the Old West with gunfights to be had, bandits to chase, occasionally my terrible American accent, and of course a mystery to be solved sounds good to you.
Then do sign up and we can get this posse going.

Run by: Ciaran ( sum1 )

Players: 5/5