Behind Bars - oneshot

Behind Bars - oneshot
12:00, Sunday 13th October H0.01


Warhammer Fantasy RPG 2nd edition

So, you meet at a bar, or at least you thought you had met at a tavern in Middenheim and had a few drinks, maybe a lot of drinks. You are lying in dust and cobwebs with none of your belongings. There are bones on the ground and the smell of decay is in the air. You have found yourselves in a large prison cell, secured by iron bars and a heavy padlock. Your only source of illumination is a pair of candles on the wall outside that reveal at each end of the room is a reinforced but rotten door. Accompanying you in your cell are two strangers, a stern dwarf and a sobbing woman. You all meet behind bars.

Hello, I'm Joshua (Board Games Rep) and this is my homemade oneshot in the WFRPG2e system for 3-5 players. This system uses the d100, please bring any you have as well as a pencil.
Rules will be explained and players may have the opportunity to make their own characters if there is available time (arrive early) otherwise I'll have some characters ready to go.
The date is now set for Sunday.

Ran by: Joshua ( Jatsmith )

Players: 5/5