Into the Weird West

Into the Weird West
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Hi folks, or should i say Howdy.
Now I know that DnD is the most popular game system here. And don't get me wrong, dashing around as the mighty heroes of fantasy, seducing dragons, smiting rogues, and generally eldritch blasting everything that moves is good fun. But perhaps you're interested, like me, in something a bit different. A little grittier, riskier and more dramatic. With still plenty of opportunities for insane heroics and regrettable decisions.

If so might I suggest to you Deadlands. A system and setting based in 1870s America (although i do also have ideas for a Japan version) that is essentially wild west horror.
In short history broke from our own a few years back and since then as well as your standard wild west drama a whole lot of weird stuff has been happening out west. Reports of monstrous abominations, the dead walking and functioning black magic all crop up with concerning frequency. It's all nonsense of course, but hey, who knows what you'll find out here.
If you want more of an introduction to the Deadlands I understand a popular "RPG video stream" (critical rolls?) recently played a game there. Or I would recommend Sounds Like Crowes. (It's a podcast

This post is mostly to guage or drum up interest.
There are plenty of ideas for campaign plots in my head. I've got monster hunting and trying to get to the source of this whole weirdness problem, the man/woman vs the probably evil industrialising railrod company, more personal vengeance campaigns, or whatever else people might be interested in. If possible I'd like to know what anyone would find appealing before launching into a proper campaign. Hence why I don't have a nice intro story to tell here.
I am also very happy to run one shot games and have several lined up to use at short notice if people are more interested in the low commitment option. (might be better for me too). This could also be deployed in time for halloween, to play up the spooky side of things.

There exist two Deadlands systems available. I am very familiar with one of them (and have a selction now of appropriate "props" and tools for games), whilst the other comes with a bit more "crunch" allowing more customisation, tactical play and magical diversity. This decision would be up to anyone interested. But rest assured that both allow just as many Mad Scientists, angry shotgun wielding preachers, poncho wearing gunslingers, slightly out of place kung fu artists, Gambit but better card wizards, lawmen, cowboys, and anything else you can come up with as each other.

Finally this post replaces my previous one that I wrote when it seems I was in a rather negative mood, oops, and thus failed to sell what I think is a great setting.
Apologies therefore for the double listing especially if this breaks some rules/guidelines on this forum.
As for the two of you that expressed interest before (truly brave folk) this is noted and I assume that your interest remains for if this goes anywhere.

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