Twilight Imperium

Twilight Imperium
Game begins Saturday 24th October, finishes Sunday 25th Discord, Tabletop Simulator

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Twilight Imperium 4th Edition on Tabletop Simulator

Twilight Imperium 4th Edition is an epic boardgame of galactic conquest, politics and trade. It's THE definitive long-form space-opera strategy game, and it's produced by Fantasy Flight, so you know it's good.

3-6 players each take control of one of 17 completely asymmetric races seeking to win supremacy over the galaxy. The aim: to use cunning strategy, skilful diplomacy and a bit of brute force to outmanoeuvre your opponents to be the first to reach 10 victory points and claim the imperial throne.

If you:
- Like talking, a LOT (negotiation is key to victory)
- Can keep track of everything going on in one of the most strategically demanding board games ever designed
- Can keep up the above for the roughly 8 hours a game is likely to take (spread across two days)
- Don't just want to play a game of Risk set in space (you can try this, you won't win - TI has nUaNcE)
then this might just be a game for you!

TI4 is a leaner, meaner, more refined game than TI3, resulting in an experience that is crazily well-designed and lets you focus 100% of your brainpower on outplaying your opponents instead of worrying about complex rules and mechanics. It's also shorter, thank God.

You'll get your choice of races a week in advance of the game to level the playing field for new players, and the map will be pre-built to eliminate the chance of an inexperienced player throwing the game for themselves in the setup phase. I've done it, feels bad. The most important rules will be explained in summary on the day, but some preparation is strongly encouraged!

For more info, ask in #boardgames on the discord or message me, @Puns_and_ships.

Need some more pax magnifica bellum gloriosum in your life? Sign up to play TI4 during Boardgames Weekend in week 3, 24th-25th October!

Ran by: Alasdair ( Puns_and_ships )

Players: 8/12