City of Mist: Nights of Payne Town

City of Mist: Nights of Payne Town
Saturdays 1-6 (but we can be more flexible) (starting 23/10) H0.66

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City of Mist (based on Powered By The Apocalypse)

Hello one and all! After the (surprising) success of my intro one shot and my (questionably) successful integration into the Warwick lifestyle, I've found some time to run a full campaign set in the City of Mist!. So, I've decided to run Nights of Payne Town, the full campaign arc published by Son of Oak Studios.

It is a time of turmoil in the City. The police are helpless against a new wave of crime, powered by forces they neither see nor understand. Ancient legends that were scheming in the shadows for decades are now finally enacting their insidious plans, raining chaos and suffering on the streets. The only ones who can stop this mayhem are nameless individuals, anti-heroes like your crew, caught in this mess unwillingly or all too willingly...

As ever, a content warning: This game contains mild language as well as strong themes of violence, crime, and immorality.

I'll set up a Discord server: please do join (only if you're in the game though)!
We'll be playing in person on Saturdays- I have a room allocated in the humanities building.
All you'll need is two six sided dice, a device capable of accessing the Internet and your imagination
Looking forward to seeing you NEXT SATURDAY (23/10)!

Run by: nasenbaer23

Players: 3/7