Ten Candles πŸ•― - A Tragic Horror RPG (Online) [Hallowe'ek]

Ten Candles πŸ•― - A Tragic Horror RPG (Online) [Hallowe'ek]
Thursday 28th (When it's dark) - Flexible Discord


Ten Candles πŸ•―

Ten days ago something, or someone, blotted out the
sky. Now no stars can be seen, all communication with
satellites has been lost, and the sun no longer lights up the sky.
Five days after this anomaly occurred, They came.
No one knows exactly who or what They are,
but two very important things are clear.
They fear the light.
They’re coming for you.

Though you know your characters will die,
you must have hope that they will survive.

Ten Candles is a tragic horror, time based, cooperative storytelling game in which you tell the stories of characters in their final few moments of the apocalypse. They will die. That is all that is true. The rest of the story is up to you.
There will be a GM, but Ten Candles leaves a lot of the story to the players, mechanics have you fight over the narrative to tell the stories of your characters, what they find, who they encounter...
It is a low-prep, heavily narrative based system that promises to be atmospheric so prepare yourselves it's not for the feint hearted!

What you might need?
A candle,
A webcam,

What you will need...

Ran by: Sol ( minijester1 )

Players: 3/4