The Nerastrim Manor (in person one-shot)

The Nerastrim Manor (in person one-shot)
12:00 - 17:00 on Saturday 30th October H4.45

The Nerastrim Manor was once a beacon of sophistication across the town of Serylim, but is now an image of fear and evil after the entire family met a gruesome end. There are many rumours about what happened at the manor, but all that most people know is that the house is now full of malevolent spirits, and their power is seeping into the surrounding area, bringing nothing but misery. Many people have heard the tales, and some have tried to investigate the manor before, but none have returned. Perhaps, when a new group of adventurers comes together, the truth might finally be revealed.

This is a D&D 5e oneshot adventure. It is a gothic horror tale, full of suspense, tension and mystery. It is open to a party of 4 players, both new players and experienced dungeon delvers welcome. Any questions feel free to drop me a message on discord at PianoMatt #6172. The game will take place on Saturday 30th October in H4.45, starting at 12:00. We will be using roll20 for maps so please bring a device with internet connection. If you've never used roll20, let me know and we can go through it.

Players will use a set of premade, 2nd level characters:
Female half-orc Fighter, Yevelda
Male human Cleric (grave domain), Silas
Female elven Rogue, Sariel
Male dwarven Paladin, Morgran

Ran by: Matthew ( PianoMatt )

Players: 4/4