Sleepaway [Halloweek]

Sleepaway [Halloweek]
Saturday 30th October, 2-7pm at the latest. H2.46

Sleepaway gives us long hazy days, chilled summer nights,
kids screaming and chasing fireflies, crackling campfires, and a
gaunt, cruel monstrosity forever hiding just out of sight, always
asking, “What do you do next?”

Sleepaway is a GMless queer horror RPG about counselors at a summer camp protecting their charges from the Lindworm, a horrifying, murderous, shapeshifter. It's easy to learn, with emphasis on collaborative storytelling, strangeness, and ritual.

You need no prior experience, just the ability to get to campus and willingness to run with other people's ideas and watch them run with yours in turn to create something neither of you could have thought of alone.

If you have any questions at all (literally anything, because this intro isn't that comprehensive), please @ or dm me on discord @AceEmpress#9631

Ran by: Hannah ( AceEmpress )

Players: 5/5