Legacy: Life Among the Ruins

Legacy: Life Among the Ruins
TBA, depending on player schedules Probably the FAB

The world ended. Maybe in fire, in darkness, in choking smoke or arcane error or a fate stranger still. Will the survivors build a home worthy of the name, something new arising like a phoenix? Or will we vanish into the black again, the last spark from a quenched fire?

Legacy: Life Among the Ruins is a PBTA game of survival and rebuilding in a world ravaged and altered by incomprehensible calamity. It is interested not only in the days and weeks after the end of the world, but the struggles that follow Rather than caring only about single characters, it also tells the story of Families - larger, player-controlled, factions, seeking to make a new world in the rubble of the old. While you will have a central character as well, they may die or retire as ages turn, to be replaced by another as generations pass, and the world shifts. Their actions and legacy, however, will remain, leaving a mark on the world, either metaphorical or deeply literal.

I'm looking for a fourth player for a Legacy: Life Among the Ruins campaign. This will run probably weekly on campus (everyone's schedule depending) for at least term 1 and 2, and I'll send you a link to a separate discord sever to sort prep (including access to the rulebook and other stuff). If you have any questions, please please please feel free to DM me either on the website or on Discord (@AceEmpress). Also, to check you've actually read all this and so I can find you, if you sign up to this please DM me the word "Piranha" on Discord or the website.

Disclaimer - Legacy is somewhat complex, I've never run it before, and it has some major differences from most more traditional RPGs in its structure - it's completely ok if you have no prior RPG experience but you'll need at least some tolerance for complex rules and me occassionally messing them up.

You may be interested in Legacy if:

  • Designing and sharing bits of a weird world together sounds cool to you - the setting of Legacy is extremely malleable and depends on the choices the players make.
  • You're a fan of any kind of post-apocalyptic stories, from Fallout to The Fifth Season, or stories about people coming together or turning apart in moments of crisis.
  • You want a game where faction choices include options that let you play alien invaders, bounty hunters, uplifted animals, terraformers (either druidic or scientific), an organisation hoarding old tech, the church of a god that may not exist, desperate warlocks bargaining with eldritch powers, and so much more.
  • You want to watch a setting twist and change for better or worse in massive ways in the wake of your actions.
  • You're comfortable taking actions that could go catastrophically wrong because either way the results will be interesting.
  • The premise of controlling a faction over years as well as a single character sounds interesting to you.
Run by: Hannah ( AceEmpress )

Players: 1/1