AGM 2024! (Nominate yourself and propose motions here!)

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📆 Date: 21st February (Week 7)
🕖 Time: 6/7-9pm
🗺️ Location: B2.02, Science Concourse
🙇 Returning Officer: Kelsey!

It's time for the society's most important event of the year, its Annual General Meeting (AGM). Without an AGM and elected exec members the society cannot exist, and therefore neither can the events we run!

What is an AGM, I hear you cry? It's the meeting where we discuss how the year has gone, make any necessary changes to the Society constitution and also gives you the opportunity to see Ben stress about SU regulations.

So, to help the society function, we need as many members as possible to turn up, submit motions, run for exec roles, and vote.

--- 📆 Important Dates 📆 ---

⚠️ Weds 7th Feb: deadline to buy standard membership (and verify it on our website!) for those wishing to vote/stand in election/put forward motions
⚠️ Tues 13th Feb, 12pm: deadline by which constitution-changing motions must be put forward
📢 Weds 14th Feb full AGM announcement (including constitution-changing motions) made -
🗨️ Weds Feb 21st, 7-9pm: AGM takes place!
🗳️ Sat 24 Feb, 12pm: voting opens
🔒 Tues 27 Feb, 12pm: voting closes
📢 Tues 27 Feb, 3pm: provisional results announced
🎊 Tues 5 Mar, 3pm: provisional period over, results now 100% valid! Yay!


You need to ensure that you have bought your membership by 12pm on Wednesday
Additionally, once you have membership, you'll need to verify your membership on our website before you can vote, following these steps:

1️⃣ Login to your account
2️⃣ Go to your profile
3️⃣ Click "Verify Membership" and follow the steps there

If you've already voted on the website before, there's no need to do it again, but anyone who wants to vote for the first time, it's really important that you do this.

Please make sure you verify your membership and turn up to stand/vote at the AGM, it's really important that we have as many people as possible, so the next exec can continue making the society a great place for everyone!

Exec roles

Exec elections are how we nominate the exec for the next year (until the next AGM rocks around). Candidates will put themselves forward, give a short speech on why they’re a good candidate, take any questions that the attendees have, and then members can vote on who they think is best for the role.

There are a number of exec positions you can run for, our current elected exec roles being:

Vice President
Communications and Operations Officer
Tech Officer
Wargames Rep
Magic: the Gathering Draft Rep
Board Games Rep
Collectable Card Games (CCGs) Rep
Role-Playing Games (RPGs) Rep
Live-Action Role-Playing (LARP) Rep
Welfare Officer
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer
Please note that this list may change during an AGM due to motions passed.

There are several different ways you can find out more about an exec role:

Talk to the current exec that performs the role! We're open to answer any questions you may have! Contact them through Discord, or find them at an event;
Check out our Exec page, where you can click the “Responsibilities” underneath each bio to see what the role is responsible for doing;
Read the relevant section(s) in our Handover Document, which is a guide written by current exec for future exec to read to learn more about what they’ve got to do, how to do it, and general advice going forward;
Read the newsletter in the lead-up to the AGM! Each week during Term 2, accounts will be given by the current exec on their roles and why you should nominate yourself for that exec role;
Read our Constitution for the very official stance on what each exec is responsible for (warning: may cause brain melt).

📄 Motions

Motions are your chance to officially change things that the Society does in some way or another. They come in 2 flavours: motions that change our Constitution, and motions that do not.

Most motions you propose will require a change/modification to our society constitution, as this lays out how the society conducts its business. You can find the Society Constitution on our website; please make sure you read this before you propose a motion.

If a motion is proposed to make a change to the Society Constitution, we are required to give our members at least 7 days’ notice of this motion. So we ask that you propose any changes to the Society Constitution at least 8 days before the AGM, i.e. by Thursday 16th Feb, 12pm.

Examples of previous motions can be found in our forum threads for past AGMs/EGMs, which include motions such as:

On the renaming of Casual Card Games to Collectible Card Games
On Discord Moderation
On the appointed Equal Opportunities and Welfare exec positions
On Rule 5 of The Code of Conduct
Here’s an example motion from the FAQs:

On Hats
The Society Notes:
1. That very few members routinely wear hats to games meetings

The Society Believes:
1. That hats are easily and cheaply obtained from many retailers
2. That hats add a jaunty air to proceedings, and encourage good cheer.

The Society Resolves:
1. To require each of our members to wear at least one hat during the boardgames.

If you like a motion but wish something about it to be changed, you can also suggest an amendment to said motion. The proposer of said motion will be responsible for accepting or declining this amendment.

i have been consumed by the SU regs send he-sound of paper eating a person

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Hello to all, I'm Sam (he/him), and I'd like to put myself forward for, drumroll please:

Live Action Role-Play Rep

My experience for this role comes mostly from attending LARP (almost) every week since the Fresher's Intro to LARP - my first ever time LARPing, and having the middle name James. I also have some first aid training and care about the wellbeing of our members. I've really enjoyed LARP and hope to be able to contribute to it, as I have a good few plans for plotlines.

My Manifesto:
if I am elected, I will do the following:

  • Pick up my role quickly - This would be my first exec role, and I will do my best to get a smooth changeover and do the work needed for this position.
  • Run LARP and the other associated events - I will create fun and interesting plots and run fun and interesting sessions, alongside keeping on top of downtimes. As well as this, I will run a very mysterious murder mystery, and other events, such as working on the megagame.
  • Continue welcoming new players - I will continue Matthew's work in advertising LARP and creating a welcoming environment for new players.
  • Enure safety - As the LARP Rep and Heath & Safety Officer roles have been merged, I will keep people safe within the society, and especially when running LARP as it's our most risky event, what with the whacking each other with foam weapons when it's muddy (though we should avoid the mud). As well as this, I have first aid training if someone does get injured.
  • World Domination

Thank you for reading, and I hope you consider me for your next LARP Rep :)

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Hi all! I’m Holly, she/her (Kellowdee on Discord <3), and I’m a first year English and Theatre Studies student. I’ve absolutely loved my time so far with Tabletop, and for that reason, I am running for:

Co-Op Officer and Welfare Officer!

What Experience Do I Have?
- I’ve been a gremlin at the back of many exec meetings this year
- I’ve dipped my toes into a number of different factions of the society - namely RPGs and Warhammer (I will actually play one day I promise)
- Supported various large events including Quiz (I’m so unapologetically proud of that Minecraft song round) and Intros To RPGs!
- Showed up and sat with people on the Tabletop Stand at open day because I genuinely had nothing better to do with my day/lh
- Shadowed exec whilst performing certain exec duties (running event days, watching LARP room etc.), gaining exposure and experience in what is expected of exec.
- Been a moderator for multiple online discord communities
- Supported the current Co-Op officer in writing certain elements of the newsletter… which may have consisted of making deeply traumatising images of Strawberry Jam as a Rat and as Dice teehee :)

So what’s on my manifesto?
As Co-Op Officer I will:
- Continue to write the newsletter to its current, fabulous standard
- Work with faction reps to see members of the society uplifted and celebrated in highlights in the newsletter and on discord
- Continue to manage the society’s social media channels, using them as opportunities for promotion, communication and also just fun vibes!
- Attend events and be there to support faction reps and other exec as required
- Support in continuing collaborations with other societies

As Welfare Officer I Will:
- Complete the training required to support members of the society
- Support the discord moderation team to ensure the online wellbeing of society members
- Ensure I am an accessible contact for members of the society to approach should anyone feel the need to check in

Feel free to reach out on discord if you have any questions, and see you at the AGM! <3

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Hi!! I’m Anna (she/her) and this year I will be running for:

RPG’s Rep

Who am I? What’s my experience?
I’m a first year Biochemistry student and I’ve luckily managed to be super involved with a bunch of RPGs in my time here so far (D&D 5e, Lancer, A Familiar Problem, FIST, Triangle Agency, Monsterhearts , ALIEN and Kids on Bikes- where do I find the time??).
Aside from playing in and running RPG’s, I’ve gone to Wargames and Boardgames a few times, plus I’VE BEEN TO LARP and the quiz. At the moment, I’m helping the current RPG’s rep prepare for the Big RPG which should be super fun :)

As RPG’s Rep I will:
Strive to uphold all of the duties and obligations of RPG’s rep (I’ve been informed that a lot of this includes booking rooms and checking my discord). In particular my attention will be on the Intro’s to RPG’s games and the Big RPG, of course.
• Spend more of my free time procrastinating work and researching new/current popular RPG’S. With my current experience being spread out with many different RPG’s I should be starting with a strong foundation of knowledge. This will also help me support a broad range of RPG’s not just D&D, which I realise is a massive focus for a lot of people (me included).
Promote RPG’s and events through the society.
Provide help and support for anyone wanting to learn a new RPG find a group. I think we all know how daunting joining people you don’t know for something as personal as an RPG can get scary, and I’d love to be there as much as I can for anyone who needs help.

Thankyou for reading! See you all at the AGM <3

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Alright it's about time I got this done. Hey everyone! I'm James (he/him) and I will be running for

Vice President (VP)

Having now actively participated in the society for over a year and half, serving as LARP Quartermaster for almost a year of that I have a lot of experience on the running of the society. I've attended LARP and Wargames nearly every week for that time, including running both events from time to time, more rarely turned up at boardgames and took part in RPGs for the past couple of terms. As a result I'm comfortable with most areas of the society and confident I could answer questions from new members or aid other exec in their running if needed. Furthermore, I have taken a more involved role in my time as Quartermaster, spending time on duty at every tabletop weekend, open day and similar events along with serving as a primary correspondence with DCS helping organise board games for their events.

Regarding specific experience with the duties of Vice President, I've booked a number of rooms throughout the year so am familiar with the process, capable of aiding other exec with booking rooms if needed. I've also attended SU updates and training where possible including Active Bystander, Exec Training and Socs Assembly. At secondary school I was made chairman of the school council, and hence have experience with running meetings which will allow me to quickly adapt to the role of Vice President.

If I am elected Vice President I will:
1. Carry out the duties of Vice President as stated in the Constitution and Handover Document, this includes running and organising exec meetings, booking rooms, helping to organise events and other general admin.
2. Continue to attend SU training and meetings or any other updates.
3. Support the president with their activities, ensuring they are not swamped by too much work.
4. Be vigilant ensuring all aspects of the society continue to run smoothly, keeping up to date with event reps as needed.
5. Be present as a point of contact for the society, both to help members with any queries or problems that come up and for non-members to organise collaborations or welcome new people to the society.

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Hello, I'm Scruff (they/them) and I will be running for the position of

Board Games Rep

I've been a member of the society for nearly three years now, and playing board games for many, many years before. I am also your current Assistant CCGs Rep and have been helping out in both teaching in and running our Thursday sessions. I've also been enjoying my time in a few RPG campaigns and hopefully (fingers crossed) I'll finally make it back to Wargs (it's been way too long)
Also, I have indeed played Terraforming Mars.

If elected as Board Games Rep, I will:

  1. Be present at as many of the weekly Board Game sessions as possible, as well as other relevant events (exec meetings, tabletop weekends, and anything else that may come up)
  2. Manage the inventory for both the proper storage of games, as well as the organisation of new games, and loans to members
  3. Advertise weekly sessions (as well as the weekends and other relevant events).
  4. Support the rest of the exec in their responsibilities
  5. Teach any games when necessary if I have knowledge of them (and learn more games in the collection when time allows)

dum anima est, spes est.

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Posted 3 months ago

Hello, I'm Alex (they/them) and I will be running for

Larp Quartermaster

In terms of experience, I am a first year student who has been coming to larp regularly since the start of the year. I'm also willing to change my name to James if so required.

If elected, I will

  1. Consistently maintain the equipment required for larp, such as the foam weapons and the clothes (hopefully averting another mould apocalypse)
  2. Help whoever will become larp rep to run the session each week (and with any other larp-related activities that require my assistance)
  3. Try and obtain a stab-safe spear for larp (as opposed to the non-stab safe spear we currently have for larp)
  4. Be as welcoming as possible to newcomers interested in larp
  5. Try to introduce robots into larp (for my own personal reasons)
  6. Try and persuade as many people to come to larp as possible
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Posted 3 months ago

Hi guys! I'm Hugo, he/him (Flibbabumbo on Discord) a first year Economics student who is putting themselves forward for the role of:


I have regularly attended society events for a year and a half, all the while managing to witness the current executives carry out their roles which has given me insight to the work ethic of an executive. I also have helped and worked with the Treasurer of the Mafia society so I have some knowledge of the position. In terms of non-uni experience, I have a summer’s worth of work experience working for an accountancy firm, helping to sort, manage and help local businesses with their spending and budgeting, these skills I can bring over to help with this role.

If I am elected as the Treasurer I will:
1. Carry out the duties of Treasurer as stated in the Constitution and Handover Document, including but not limited to: Overseeing the society’s budget by allocating spending amounts to each section of the society; looking for new sponsorships and/or continuing existing sponsorships; purchasing merchandise for the society and contributing towards fundraising.
2. Attend and contribute to all SU trainings and meetings or any other updates.
3. Support the president and the exec with their responsibilities.
4. Be vigilant ensuring all aspects of the society continue to run smoothly, keeping up to date with event reps as needed.
5. Be present as a general point of contact for the society, both to help members and non-members with any queries or problems that come up and for non-members to organise collaborations or welcome new people to the society.

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Posted 3 months ago

Good morning/afternoon/evening (delete as applicable). I am Matthew Phillips (he/him), and I will be running for the position of


It's very likely that you've seen me around the society, either in my capacity as LARP rep or otherwise. If you haven't, let me introduce myself. I have been your LARP rep for the past 2 years, during which time I have not only run LARP but also:

  • Written a large overhaul for the LARP setting and rules
  • Helped plan and run last year's megagame, Hoist the Colours
  • Wrote a large part of a successful murder mystery (and a second one which should also hopefully be a success)
  • Helped promote the society at every opportunity
  • Run some of the quiz rounds of all time

What could go wrong: My manifesto

  • Make sure the society stays a welcoming and inclusive space: This society is one of the friendliest communities on campus, and I intend to keep it that way. Among other things, the president is responsible for monitoring the society's anonymous reporting form, and I will be active in resolving any issues and improving the experience of the membership.
  • Support the running of events: If elected, I will both help out other exec whenever they need it and also work with faction reps to help implement any improvements needed for their events.
  • Facilitate and run extra events: Both faction-specific and society wide events are not only really fun, but also a great way to introduce new players to the society and to factions they may not have tried yet. As president I will not only assist the exec in helping plan and run such events, but also reach out to other societies for possible collaborations.
  • go mad with power

Sorry this was somewhat later than planned
Also obligatory murder mystery plug: sign up here we still have slots open.

Furthermore, I consider that Carthage must be destroyed

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Posted 3 months ago

Hi Everyone, I am German (he/him). German on Discord. I am running for

Draft Rep


I have played mtg for about 7 years, I come every single draft. I had experience running one of the drafts outside of normal draft time. You may remember that Commdnader Masters Saturday where we also played Mystery Booster draft. I have also provided multiple boxes for drafts throughout the 2 terms with sets which people enjoyed and otherwise probably wouldn't have played which also taught me how to find very price efficient boxes to keep the draft prices low.

If elected, I will:

  • Implement a way for less experienced drafters to learn from more experienced ones and improve their skills.

  • Work with the community on the system the drafts are run (maybe reintroduce prizes if the people wish so, or maybe increase the frequency of fancy sets)

  • Expand the Draft community by increasing advertisement and engagement during the society fair during the freshers week

  • Possibly affiliate the society with one of the local stores to get official promos and promo packs from Wizards of the Coast

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Posted 3 months ago

Hello, I’m Lily (She/Her) and I’m running for

CCG rep

I’m a third year mathematics student and have been attending the weekly CCG night for four months now. I’ve mostly been playing Netrunner but have helped out with teaching people when needed.

If elected as CCG Rep, I will:
• Setup the CCG room every week and be available to help with games.
• Teach new people to how to play.
• Keep track of the inventory and acquire more card sleeves when necessary.
• Advertise weekly sessions and encourage new people to come.
• Organise tournaments every few weeks.
• Help out other execs in their responsibilities.

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