Of Sanest Deities and Maddest Men

Of Sanest Deities and Maddest Men
Saturdays 12:00 Onward (is flexible) TBD


D&D 5e

I pondered, with mind at pruritus, profusely at the Peaks of Truth;
I scoured, scorched the rank and file of Reason’s marches;
Roused I with jaundice from cirrhosis of the heart.
I could not answer, under oxymoronic syllogism-
‘How come the Gods are sane, if men be mad?’

~Maldaros, 6th Verse, Temptations of the Dawn

The world is much overdue for a campaign of serious character interactions, and the building of genuine catharsis. I will deliver a D&D 5th Edition long term campaign- the rules of this edition exist purely to facilitate the theatre, role-play, and to ground such in reality. The rules will then take a background role as characters are given room to fluster their imaginations, and with much toil and much struggle achieve their ultimate desires. I, as the dungeon-master, then shall mediate their struggles- and in so doing hope for them to deduce something which they’ve never known… I only dream my players will reciprocate the same, and this campaign shall become a mutual success!

I welcome all who are interested in the aforementioned, and all those who think themselves worthy of journeying into the minds of madmen. Those brave enough to trespass into a world where tensions boil over. Those learned enough to decipher the magisterial secrets of wizards and the prophets. Those strong enough to take keeps and keep castles for their vows. Finally, any of those who laugh at it all; come, and we shall laugh together!

Run by: Roman ( Pycaler )

Players: 7/7