A Vault Worth a Mint

A Vault Worth a Mint
Saturday 12:00 (Flexibile) TBD


D&D 5e

Puddledeep - The City That Never Sweeps. For such a city, the sum of one-half-million gold dragons may be a drop in the bucket; but with taxes so low, the loss of the City Redevelopment Fund is a bucket to the face. The Lord is gone, we haven’t lost him too, we just think he’s run away, and the only clues to the location of the cash may have fled with him.
So, is the city crying out for a group of random level one heroes to restore the lost kitty? Not really, to be honest... we’re a bit strapped at the moment. But the City of Spenders still stands, the fortunes traded in the market squares still slip from palm to greasy palm, thieves and assassins still argue over right of way on the city gutters, and a fortune in gold is probably somewhere around here?

Whether you’re an academic wizard suffering the cutbacks on the academy elevenses grant, a thief looking to make a name for themselves, or the fearsome orc: Hrabbaz the Butcher (trying to make an honest living as a butcher); The Goodly City of Puddledeep (previously “The Good City of Puddledeep”, but who are we kidding) awaits any story to unfurl through the cobbled streets. A 5th edition adventure for low levels, starting from 1. A city based on the Waterdeep Dragon Heist but with serious modifications. Notably, a less linear story, a collection of actual heists (although not mandatory), and a tone that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Roleplay forward and character focussed. There isn’t a fixed story that will unfold, the story will be based on the character/s you made along the way.

I have previously run this for a librarian monk armed with a good length of wood and a bad attitude. Secondly as a solo campaign for a city watch officer as he rose through the ranks, investigated off the clock, joined a revolution to fight the secret police, and returned the money so that the city watch could afford new boots

Ran by: Hailey ( Hazell )

Players: 3/3