November X-Wing Tournament

November X-Wing Tournament
Saturday 21st November 2020, 10:00-16:00 Discord and Tabletop Simulator

Did you play in our tournament back in February? Played Aces High but want to try the full game? Want to try a wargame at a semi-competitive-but-still-casual level?
We're running a tournament for X-Wing 2.0! If interested, sign up here by midday on 19th November.

Important details:

  • Free to enter.
  • Tournament standard 75 minute games, 3-4 swiss-pairings depending on signups, 1hr lunch break.
  • Lists should be 200 points in extended (i.e. not Hyperspace), please include your choice of obstacles.
  • Lists should be legal with the latest points update, see the .pdf points lists on the FFG site.
  • I will be accepting your YASB links by direct messages from the 19th of November at midday. Please note that your list will be considered locked in once submitted, and only when I have received somebody's list will they be able to view the other lists.

To play in this tournament, you are expected to be familiar with the tabletop simulator mod for X-Wing 2.0, and the basic rules of X-Wing.
Jon and others will be around for rules clarifications/judge calls.

If you would like to take part, but haven't before played X-Wing 2.0/used TTS, get in touch with Jon (@Nahjo_Che#2025). He'll be happy to take you through a few demos at some point before the tournament (other X-Wing teachers are available).

Ran by: Jon ( Nahjo_Che )

Players: 7/66