An isolated planet, far in the future, swarming with hostile mega-bugs. As a mech pilot, you are one of the few able to venture outside the shielded domes of terraformed land that dot the metal-rich world. You are tasked with the setup of another such safe-zone, but can you survive spending so long away from safety?

Suits is a 3 session long mini-campaign using the Lancer system. You don't need any experience with either the system or rpgs in general to join; in fact, I've never used the system either, so we'll be learning together. We will use Discord to organise the sessions, which will be in person at Warwick University campus. The campaign will be finished before the winter holidays, and be fairly focused on combat.

In terms of theme and setting, the Suits episode of Love, Death, and Robots is the inspiration (and one of the few episodes in the series that doesn't require a content warning). You are frontier people, farming the land, mining it's rich veins of ore, and building giant mechs to protect yourselves from the part flesh part metal monsters that seem drawn to you like moths to a flame.

Run by: Timothy ( Lawful_Tim )

Players: 4/4