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The Reign of Rats
Fridays or Saturday, late afternoon or evening Campus

Hello everyone! My name is Sid and, should you acquiesce to being part of this sordid adventure, I will be your dungeon master! I am a fairly new DM and so I encourage both new and veteran players to join - should they be so inclined. Below, I have given a short description of the setting this short campaign (maybe 5-6 sessions, likely a little more) will take place in! I am looking for 3-4 players and hopefully to run this campaign every week! The starting level of the party is up for debate, but it will …

Run by: Sid ( Dom_the_Dumb )

Players: 4/4

Welcome to the Duchy of Egreria!
TBD TBD (potentially Cryfield Village Hall)

Hello there,

My name is James and I shall be your dungeon master. I am looking for about 3/4 people to join a new D&D campaign which I hope will run either weekly or every fortnight (once we get up and running). Previous experience with D&D 5e is preferred although not essential.

This campaign will take place in my own homebrew world of Aeldoria and our tale shall begin in the Duchy of Egreria located at the south end of the Free Planes of Pardinia. A little over fifteen years ago, Duke Irihan Glas…

Run by: James ( TheGreatForest )

Players: 4/4