🗳 AGM - 2023 Edition (Nominate yourself and propose motions here!)

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The A stands for "Actually, the A stands for "Actually, the A stands for...""

(Also, massive thanks to Ares for last year's AGM thread and FAQ, which I basically copied and updated for this year)

It’s time for our Annual General Meeting (AGM) 🗳

💨 Quick Details

📅 Date: Fri 24th Feb (Week 7)
Time: 7-9pm
🗺 Location: B2.02, Science Concourse
🙇‍♂️ Returning Officer: Hannah (outgoing Vice President)
📨 RSVP: please RSVP to our Facebook event so we know how many people will be attending.

It's time for the society's most important event of the year. Without an AGM and elected exec members the society cannot exist, and therefore neither can the events we run!

So, to help the society function, we need as many members as possible to turn up, submit motions, run for exec roles, and vote.

🗃 If you have no idea how an AGM works, or if you want to read specifics, please see our 2023 AGM FAQ once it's up!

📅 Important Dates

Sat 11 Feb, 12pm: deadline to buy standard membership for those wishing to vote/stand in election/put forward motions
Thu 16 Feb, 12pm: deadline by which constitution-changing motions must be put forward
📢 Fri 17 Feb, 12pm: full AGM announcement (including constitution-changing motions) made
🗨 Fri 24 Feb, 7-9pm: AGM takes place!
🗳 Sat 25 Feb, 12pm: voting opens
🔒 Tues 28 Feb, 12pm: voting closes
📢 Tues 28 Feb, 3pm: provisional results announced
🎊 Tues 7th Mar, 3pm: provisional period over, results now 100% valid! Yay!

🗂 Orders of Business at the AGM

  1. Introduction (including the rules of the mascot election)
  2. Society update
  3. Rundown of voting rules and procedures
  4. Motions
  5. Comfort break (May be moved earlier/a smaller one introduced earlier depending on number of motions)
  6. Exec nominations
  7. Any other business
  8. Wrap-up (including the result of the mascot election)

📛 Becoming a member and verifying your membership

If you want to run for a position, suggest a motion and/or vote, you must be a member of the society 14 days prior to the vote opening. That would be by Sat 11 Feb, 12pm.

There are 2 main steps to this:

🕐 Buy membership on our SU page

🕑 Verify your membership on this here website

  • Make sure you have an account on this website.
  • Log in to your account and go to Edit Profile, select the "Verify Membership" option, and follow the process
  • Note: if you've voted in any of our online elections before, you're gucci, you do not need to verify anything again!
  • Please make sure to verify your membership by the same deadline of Thu 16 Feb, 12pm. If you have membership but don't verify it before then, please let our Tech Officer Scarlett, know and she will be able to fix it manually - this is an irritating process for her though, so please be nice and do it on time.
  • If you have any queries about online voting, please let Scarlett know either by emailing her (su303@warwicksu.com) or messaging her on Discord (there's the #agm-2022 channel for that too).

☑ Requirement for the vote to be valid

Voting will take place between Sat 25 Feb, 12pm and Tues 28 Feb, 12pm on our website. You do not need to attend the AGM meeting itself to vote, but we highly encourage you to do so, so that you know more about who/what you’re voting for.

Quorum is “a minimum number of votes needed in order for a vote to be valid.” There are 2 quorums we can meet.

For elections and non-Constitution changing motions, quorum is as follows:

a. The first 100 Society or Club members shall be subject to a quorum of 10%.
b. Membership between 101 and 200 inclusive shall be subject to a quorum of 9%.
c. Membership between 201 and 400 inclusive shall be subject to a quorum of 8%.
g. The quorum calculations in a) – f) are cumulative and the total shall be rounded up to the nearest integer.
h. The minimum quorum for any Society election is 5.

For Constitution changing motions:

1. The quorum for all Society and Sports Clubs constitution changes shall be the cumulative total of Quorum 1. a) – f) in ‘Club and Society Election Appendix’ multiplied by 1.5 and then rounded up to the nearest whole number.
2. The minimum quorum for any Society or Sports Club constitution change is 8.

As of 09-01-2023, we have a membership of 136. For this number, our basic quorum is 14; our constitution-changing quorum is 21.

If we don’t reach the minimum number of votes, the subject of the vote is not valid, and we will likely have to run an EGM (Emergency General Meeting) to perform the vote again, which is not very desirable as it is a further drain on everyone’s time. So, if you can vote, please vote!

🙌 Running for an exec role, suggesting motions, voting

If you want to run for a position, suggest a motion and/or vote, you must be a member of the society 14 days prior to the vote opening. That would be by Sat 11 Feb, 12pm.

I strongly recommend that you read our newly (minorly) updated AGM FAQs for guidelines before nominating yourself or proposing a motion. That is the thread where you should post any questions you have about the AGM; please keep the comments on this thread solely for nominations/motions for ease of organisation.

👪 Exec roles

Exec elections are how we nominate the exec for the next year (until the next AGM rocks around). Candidates will put themselves forward, give a short speech on why they’re a good candidate, take any questions that the attendees have, and then members can vote on who they think is best for the role.

There are a number of exec positions you can run for, our current elected exec roles being:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Communications and Operations Officer
  • Tech Officer
  • Wargames Rep
  • Magic: the Gathering Draft Rep
  • Board Games Rep
  • Collectable Card Games (CCGs) Rep
  • Role-Playing Games (RPGs) Rep
  • Live-Action Role-Playing (LARP) Rep
  • Quartermaster

Please note that this list may change during an AGM due to motions passed.

There are several different ways you can find out more about an exec role:

  1. Talk to the current exec that performs the role! We're open to answer any questions you may have! Contact them through Discord, or find them at an event;
  2. Check out our Exec page, where you can click the “Responsibilities” underneath each bio to see what the role is responsible for doing;
  3. Read the relevant section(s) in our Handover Document, which is a guide written by current exec for future exec to read to learn more about what they’ve got to do, how to do it, and general advice going forward;
  4. Read the newsletter in the lead-up to the AGM! Each week during Term 2, accounts will be given by the current exec on their roles and why you should nominate yourself for that exec role;
  5. Read our Constitution for the very official stance on what each exec is responsible for (warning: may cause brain melt).

📄 Motions

Motions are your chance to officially change things that the Society does in some way or another. They come in 2 flavours: motions that change our Constitution, and motions that do not.

Most motions you propose will require a change/modification to our society constitution, as this lays out how the society conducts its business. You can find the Society Constitution on our website; please make sure you read this before you propose a motion.

If a motion is proposed to make a change to the Society Constitution, we are required to give our members at least 7 days’ notice of this motion. So we ask that you propose any changes to the Society Constitution at least 8 days before the AGM, i.e. by Thursday 16th Feb, 12pm.

Examples of previous motions can be found in our forum threads for past AGMs/EGMs, which include motions such as:

  • On the renaming of Casual Card Games to Collectible Card Games
  • On Discord Moderation
  • On the appointed Equal Opportunities and Welfare exec positions
  • On Rule 5 of The Code of Conduct

Here’s an example motion from the FAQs:

On Hats
The Society Notes:
1. That very few members routinely wear hats to games meetings

The Society Believes:
1. That hats are easily and cheaply obtained from many retailers
2. That hats add a jaunty air to proceedings, and encourage good cheer.

The Society Resolves:
1. To require each of our members to wear at least one hat during the boardgames.

If you like a motion but wish something about it to be changed, you can also suggest an amendment to said motion. The proposer of said motion will be responsible for accepting or declining this amendment.

🧊 Mascot election business is to be conducted in an accompanying thread - please pop over there for all the info on that.

👇 To nominate yourself for an exec position, propose a motion, second a motion, or suggest an amendment to a motion, please reply to the forum thread below!

Here, queer, filled with existential fear.

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Well, let’s do this again. Here we go!

Hi there everyone, my name is Ben (he/they) and I will be running for President and Vice President at this AGM. Before I get the inevitable question, this will be the only exec I run for this year, since third year is a fair challenge for PAIS students (ok this is looking less and less likely aaaaa)

Qualifications and experience

I’ve been involved with pretty much all aspects of the society in some form or another during my time at the university. Whether it be being dazzled by the painting talent of our model makers and getting into niche lore discussions in wargames, trying various boardgames (and succeeding at some!) getting absolutely wrecked at Netrunner and screaming internally at Magic for CCGs, running one of the largest Intro To RPGs we have ever had and a Big RPG (as well as campaigns and one-shots) and even making good on my promise to get into LARP this year (current “Ben slips badly and/or falls over count” is at two), I’ve got involved with everything we do here at Tabletop.

As your ED&I Officer, I’ve led on initiatives to make the society a welcoming and accessible space for everyone, whether that be ensuring that our events are accessible as possible, developing an Accessible Science Concourse Map, delivering a comprehensive Demographic Report for the society or developing the new Anonymous Reporting System. I’ve also got involved with the moderation and welfare side of things, supporting our Welfare Officer and Moderation Team in ensuring our spaces and events are as positive as possible, including taking action where it has been needed.

Finally I’ve helped rewrite Watch the Skies, plan large-scale events, design another megagame and generated £500 profit for the society through selling several boxes of books. I’ve turned up to every Tabletop Weekend (including one overnight shift I’d really rather forget), somehow (accidentally) survived multiple attempts at (LARP) murder and sacrificed my tastebuds, stomach and dignity to Marmite-flavoured peanut butter in the name of charity.

More generally, I have experience as a leader and coordinator. I’ve served on numerous execs, worked with staff and students at school and at uni. I also have no problems delegating and organising, have experience with event organisation and general work and am also a passionate and capable public speaker. In my work as a Welcome Ambassador, I’ve represented the university, and would be happy to translate that experience to representing the society. I’ve completed Active Bystander and Ready For Report And Support training, and am involved in the Active Bystander Champion programme.

The Manifesto Bit

If I am elected President, I will:

1.Fulfil the duties and obligations of the president, as defined in the Constitution and Handover Doc to my fullest ability. Leading, coordinating and supporting the rest of the exec will be my utmost priority.

2.Continue to develop the work started by the current exec on promoting the society throughout the university. This would likely be through cross-society promotion (such as supporting Pride with their planned RPGs event), typical advertising means such as posters and also a possible expansion of our social media presence

3.Continue to promote the society as a safe and welcoming space for everyone, as well as a driver for positive social change in the university environment. This would include getting the society accredited as Ready For Report And Support by completing the SU training offered on the topic, as well as keeping WISA as a core part of our ED&I offering.

4.Work with the event reps to attract and retain new members and promote diversity of games. Due to the questionable business practices of the mages who live by the seaside or the workshop that makes games, there are barriers that might prevent access to new members or players. I would ensure we have a diverse offering of games and are ensuring that everyone gets a chance to play what they want!

5.Run the megagame! After all, I helped design the flipping thing.

If I am elected VP, I will:

  1. Fulfil the duties of the VP, as defined by the Constitution and Handover Doc, to my fullest ability. Day-to-day organisation, filling in the paperwork, running and organising exec meetings and generally keeping things ticking over.

  2. Work with the event reps to minimise stress and maximise efficiency when it comes to the day-to-day organisation of the soc and especially large events through regular check-ins and discussions

  3. Seek to find solutions to any problems that arise- this is one I can’t really explain how I’m going to do until I see what situations I face!

  4. Support the president in the implementation of their visions.

Finally, regardless of if I get elected or not, I pledge to be a positive presence on our server, keep being kind and friendly (and funny, if you think I am) and to generally be the best person I can be.
This is the end of the manifesto, so if you're bored, scroll on! Thank you for your consideration and the best of luck to all the other candidates

The Sentimental Bit

I wanted to close this with a few thank yous. Firstly, to all the current exec, it's been a delight working with you! Thank you as well to anyone who has ever been an exec- we stand on the shoulders of your amazing work! Finally, all the members, old, new and everyone in between. This soc has been an amazing space for me, I've made friends for life and haven't felt more welcome anywhere else at the uni. Whether it be in games, in life or supporting me as I figure out some things about myself, I am forever grateful.

:) (I'm done now)

if nothing else, be yourself.

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Posted 1 year, 1 month ago

Guess What, I've Got More: Motions (In The Ocean)

Hey, Ben here again with two THREE motions to propose on behalf of Tabletop Society's exec team.

EDIT: due to us realising that our returning officer can't propose a motion, I'm now proposing three. The third one is coming.

The first of these motions complements a later motion that I was not involved in writing, relating to changes to SU Democracy procedures and us wanting to avoid exec and election bloat. It reads:

On The Health and Safety Officer Role and Risk Assessments

Proposer: Ben
Second: Matthew

The Society Notes
That the Health and Safety Officer is not a mandated exec position, unlike Welfare Officer.
That the Health and Safety Officer has consistently been the Live-Action-Role-Play (LARP) rep, with Jakub, James and now Matthew fulfilling that role.
That LARP is recognised as our most ‘dangerous’ activity, since it involves physical activity, simulated combat and being outside in slippery conditions.
That changes to SU democratic procedures and elections means that were we to keep the roles separate, there would have to be a separate election process, with full membership voting.
That risk assessments for large scale society events are often completed by relevant exec, rather than defaulting to the H+S Officer.

The Society Believes
That the LARP rep role and the Health and Safety Officer role have in effect become synonymous
That it would be sensible and pragmatic to integrate the duties together, especially given the (in reality) reduced duties of the H+S Officer
That other exec are able to support the Health and Safety duty where needed.

The Society Resolves
To integrate section 4.6.4 of the Constitution (‘Health and Safety Officer’) into section 4.5.1.f.vi so that it reads:
LARP Rep and Quartermaster, which run the weekly LARP session. The LARP Rep focuses on the running of the session and the safety of players and the Quartermaster focuses on the transportation and maintenance of equipment. The LARP Rep shall also oversee and manage the annual risk assessment form and any other risk assessment forms that are required.

To add section 4.5.1.g which reads
Individual Event Reps shall be responsible for filling out the annual risk assessment for their own events.

For proper formatting of this motion, please consult the document

After that whirlwind of a read, the mercifully shorter, but equally significant;

On The Duties of the President

Proposer: Ben
Second: Lap

The Society Notes
This year, a reporting system was established to ensure that members could contact the exec anonymously or in confidence.
Lewis, as President for academic year 22-23 took responsibility for controlling the mechanism for collecting responses.
That it is expected of Society Presidents to complete all welfare training that the SU offers, including that pertaining to GDPR (based on communications from VP for Societies 22/23, Anna Taylor, where she encouraged all Presidents to attend the Welfare Training offered 07/10/22)

The Society Believes
That this responsibility for collecting responses and overseeing any actions after a report is made should be formalised as one of the President’s duties going forward.

The Society Resolves
To add the following text to section 4.4.3 (‘The President’)
4.4.3.g: The President shall monitor the Anonymous Reporting System and coordinate the response to any reports received. Where necessary, this should involve the Students' Union and formal complaint or discipline procedures.

Once again, if you would like the fancy and proper formatting please click here for the Docs version

coming in as a late entrant it's:

On Appointed Roles and the Welfare Position

Proposer: Ben
Seconder: Lils

The Society Notes:
1. That the SU has changed their regulations such that all exec must be elected by the membership.

  1. That several of our roles, including the assistant roles, and the welfare officer position, are currently appointed, which going forward is against SU regulations

  2. That, per the SU Democracy Advisor, “In terms of your point around assistant roles, as long as these roles are not technically exec members (do not have special privileges / web access), they would not have to be elected.”

The Society Believes:
1. That our exec is already quite large, and so expanding all the previously appointed roles to full elections would represent an unrealistic addition to the length of our AGMs.

  1. That some of these roles, such as Welfare Officer, are important to the function of the society and/or actively mandated, and so should be moved to elected positions

  2. Equally, that the position of ED&I rep requires access to SU systems for demographic access, and to be able to more effectively liaise with members of the SU.

  3. However, these roles do not have the consistency of workload that other elected roles have, so could be held alongside other exec positions.

  4. That the duties of our assistant reps do not require access to the SU website to be performed, and that our assistant exec have very rarely used this access.

The Society Resolves:

  1. To convert the Welfare Officer and ED&I rep roles to exec positions elected by the membership, and amend the constitution to reflect that.

  2. To run elections for these two positions at the upcoming AGM - if this motion does not pass, the victors will be elected as exec without portfolio instead of holding these exec positions.

  3. To no longer give assistant exec SU web permissions, such that they are no longer full exec in the eyes of the SU, and thus do not need to be elected at the AGM.

here is your formatted google doc

If you would like to discuss the contents of these motions, please do contact me over Discord, either in the #general or #off-topic channels or in #agm-23 when it comes into being.

if nothing else, be yourself.

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Posted 1 year, 1 month ago

Greetings. I am Matthew (he/him), and I will once again be running for the position of

Live Action Role-Play Rep.

As you hopefully know, I have been your LARP Rep (and Health & Safety Officer) for the past year, during which I have attracted new players to LARP, performed (with help from the attendees) a large overhaul of the rulebook and setting, run sessions that people have found enjoyable and engaging, and kept LARP a safe and welcoming space.

The Show Must Go On: My manifesto
If elected, I will:

  • Welcome new players to LARP: Although LARP attendance is no longer in a critical state, I will still endeavour to attract new players from both inside and outside the society, both through general advertising and word of mouth, as well as through events such as the murder mystery.
  • Run LARP (obviously): I will continue to try and create engaging plots and enjoyable sessions, as well as managing downtimes and working with the players to make their experience as good as possible.
  • Run Extra Events: The murder mystery that I had a large hand in writing was by all accounts a success (despite my unfortunate abscence due to illness). I will run another murder mystery (hopefully without being ill this time), and other events that fall under my purview.
  • Help out in the rest of the Society: I am currently part of the team writing the megagame, and will help to run it as well. Likewise, I will be ready to help out events and goings-on throughout the rest of the society.
  • Keep us safe: LARP is the most "dangerous" event we run, so it is important for the LARP Rep to ensure everyone is aware of how to LARP safely. I am also first aid trained in the (very unlikely) event that someone is injured.
    also please vote yes on the H&S/LARP Rep motion it's important
  • Wear a fun hat: I'll also do this if not elected.

Thankyou for reading, and remember to #cometolarp.

Furthermore, I consider that Carthage must be destroyed

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Posted 1 year, 1 month ago

Hi, I'm James (he/him) and this year I'll be running for

LARP Quartermaster.

As a new member of the society, I originally joined for wargames but have since also enjoyed other aspects of the society, particularly Live Action Role-Play (LARP) despite having no prior experience in any form of Roleplaying (that's right, you don't need any experience for LARP, there's no harm in coming along and trying it out! We don't bite, though we may lightly hit you with foam swords in non-sensitive areas). Going forward I would like to take a more active role in helping run the society which has provided me with so many new friends and enjoyable experiences in my first year.

The manifesto

If I am elected I will:

  • Perform the duties of quartermaster as detailed in the constitution. Primarily this involves the transportation and maintenance of equipment.
  • Update the equipment page for LARP on the website with our inventory of weapons, armour and clothing.
  • Revive the old forum posts for LARP detailing adventures each week, so members can catch up if they miss a week or anyone who is interested can see what's been going on.
  • Aid the LARP Rep where possible with recruitment, the running of LARP each week and events such as murder mystery.
  • In preparation for the transition, work with the current Quartermaster (Nathan) to learn how to maintain the equipment to a high standard.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions feel free to contact me on Discord at Drukin57#9842, or else find me in person, I will typically be at Wargames or LARP every week.

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Posted 1 year ago

Hi! I'm Alysha(she/they) & I'm running for

Co-Op Officer and Welfare Officer!

Well so long as that motion passes!

Experience I have/chaos I have caused (in game):
- regularly snuck into exec meetings
- joined a lot of RPGs such as alien
- befriended every npc cat ever!
- supported efforts to make soc events more accessible
- joined boardgames weekend (love big jenga)
- helped carry & sort RPG books because the RPGs rep wouldn't stop complaining
- joined quiz (fingers crossed host a round soon)
- made strawberry jam everyones problem /j >:)

Manifesto time!

As Co-Op officer I will:
- write newsletters full of good vibes (and puns!!)
- celebrate everything we do in the highlights channel on the discord
- support the advertisement & promotion of the society throughout the community
- attend as many of our events as humanly possible!

As Welfare officer I will:
- complete all the necessary training as well as my prexisting HEAR accrediation in understanding wellbeing
- work with the discord moderation team to keep it a positive space
- work with the ED&I rep to help make everyone happy

Thank you for reading! I hope to live up to all the amazing vibes as the people before me (with just as many brackets when appropriate lol) :)

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Posted 1 year ago

Hi all! I'm Liam (he/him), and I will be running for

Wargames Rep!

So who am I, and what makes me suited for the role? For those not familiar with me, I have been the Assistant Wargames Rep for the past year, working alongside the Wargames Rep to, well, run Wargames! While this experience is invaluable to overthrowing assuming full Wargames Rep status, there are many other reasons why I would be suited for the role, including:

  • Helping to run, and writing up the rules of, the narrative campaign that was run in Term 1
  • Repping the society even in my seminars with the awesome society hoodie, encouraging new people to join our events
  • Helping out with the Freshers' Fair, talking with an immense number of new students, and enthusiastically advertising all aspects of the society
  • I have been committed to attending every Wargames events the past year, only missing a few here and there due to personal commitments
  • I have personally ran Wargames myself when the Wargames Rep has been unavailable

A Manifesto?

If I am elected as the new Wargames Rep, I will endeavour to:

  • Run the weekly Wargames sessions every week, on-time and open to all
  • Come up with and run special events throughout the year, whether it be painting or running a full narrative campaign (The latter of which I would be excited to run again)
  • Be available to answer any questions regarding Wargames, as well as the society as a whole
  • Help provide opportunities to participate in what is an already expensive hobby, through the use of society armies and society-owned equipment
  • Maintain the chaotic organisation of suitcases that is the Wargames cupboard

Thank you for reading my exec nomination! I hope to see many of you at the AGM, and remember to vote!

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Posted 1 year ago

As you may already have seen on the Discord, due to strike action we are moving the date of the AGM to Friday 24th of Feb - this main post and the FAQ should be updated shortly to reflect that. This means that any constitution-changing motions need to be in by 12pm on Thursday 16th February. (Also there is a small chance some details may have to change if any changes to SU regulations are announced at tomorrow's Socs Forum)

Here, queer, filled with existential fear.

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Posted 1 year ago

Hi, I'm Kelsey (she/her) and I will be running for:

Vice President


EDI Officer

When I first joined the Warwick Tabletop Games and Roleplaying Society in Term 1, I was at the loneliest point of my life. But now, because of conversations with strangers (many of whom have became friends), I don’t feel so isolated.

That’s why I’m running for Vice President and EDI Officer; I want to use my communication and managerial skills to ensure that nobody feels the way I did. By working with the other reps as VP, I will continue to make the society an inclusive, accessible environment.

I wouldn't consider myself as from a background that encourages tabletop games (mumzie likes the Megadrive but that's about it), but I'm so glad that I found them. If I hadn't tugged on those strings and pursued my interests independently, then I wouldn't be here today. Through the society, I've found a support network that has given me the confidence to attend events alone, as well as feel represented. I believe that welfare is paramount to all aspects of life, so as EDI and VP, I will complete all training offered by the SU (and more outside of it) and lead initiatives to rectify any under-representations.

New Phone- Who Dis?

Within the society, I am mostly involved with boardgames, but would also call myself a D&D enthusiast (hijacking other campaigns and crushing on  NADDPod’s Emily Axford) and model-painting noob (I have much to learn about the Warhammer universe). I understand how important every aspect of the society is, both to its members and exec.

As part of the Warwick Writing Programme, I spend a lot of time world-building and contemplating existence (course reading is intense and includes a lot of philosophy and literary theory). I don’t read for pleasure as often as I used to, but do enjoy SF, biographical novels and anything to do with Greek mythology. I’ve found poetry to be a great outlet, especially when I can merge it with painting (it's a thing). When I do have spare time, I spend it console gaming, crafting and watching K-Dramas or anime. I'm currently obsessed with having picnics in Pokémon Scarlet and collecting the Eeveelutions.

Why Me?!

Good question... I hope that I can prove myself worthy. Joking aside, I do think my life experience has qualified me for this role.

  • Editor and recruiter for Her Campus Warwick- I helped set up the branch in September 2022, so schedule weekly meetings with the exec as well as hosting recruitment sessions. As Editor, I work with the Chapter Leader and Co-Editor to create deadlines for articles to be submitted and uploaded. There is a quick turnover in articles and current trends so I need to prioritise what to edit and be aware of who is writing what. When hosting sessions, I work with the Social Media rep to advertise events and determine best availability.

  • Online Tutor- since September 2021 I've completed 175+ hours of tutoring with pupils aged 11-18. From this, I've learnt that everyone works in their own way and at their own pace, so I've needed to adapt plans in-lesson and change the delivery method to suit the pupil.

  • Training and Qualifications- as well as having a DBS check, I have completed courses on Safeguarding, Prevent Training, Supporting Students With Additional Needs and more. They're not the most engaging but they are important!

  • Dual Shop Worker and Barista- back home I work for an independent, local business. I work both in the farm shop (focusing on customer satisfaction and product maintenance) and the recently-renovated kitchens across the road. There, my role varies each shift (fulfilling customer orders, food hygeine and preparation, product maintenance, floor work and all the other fun stuff). Flexibility and communication are essential in preventing delays and ensuring a well-run workplace.

Manifesto Below ;)

  • To continue the work of previous exec and ensure the society remains a well-managed, inclusive environment
  • Work with the other exec so all aspects of the society are heard and represented.
  • To handle admin work (yuck) so all members and event-goers have a consistent place to relax and be part of a community.
  • I firmly believe that the society is defined by its members, so I am committed to keeping everyone informed with daily and broader motions.
  • To look at the society's demographic and rectify any under-representations or generalisations of the members.

I am committed to supporting the Tabletop society because I understand how important it is to Warwick's students, past and present. Thank you for reading this and I look forward to what the next year brings!

My discord is kelseyk#5830 if anyone has questions or wants to chat :)

phew- that was scary

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Posted 1 year ago

Hey all! I’m Alvis (they/them) and once more I’m running for the position of

Board Games Rep!

So, who am I? I’m the current Board Games Rep, and this past year I've been having a blast running our events, as well as getting to know so many new people! I’ve always loved board games and my time at the society has been rife with them. I think I’ve Terraformed Mars way too many times in the past year, I do wonder how the planet’s taking it all at this point. I also play D&D often and am a fan of RPGs in general (tabletop and otherwise), and can’t wait to try even more systems when I get the chance!

I have delighted in my time with the society, and have met many lovely people. I would love to continue helping out next year!


If I am re-elected to become the Board Games Rep, I vow to:

  • Be present whenever at all possible, including at the weekly Board Games sessions, for Exec meetings, other events such as welcome week, and any time I may be contacted with a society-related matter.
  • Perform the other duties of the role as best I can, including board game lending, advertising the weekly sessions, deciding on and procuring new games for the society, and anything else that may be required.
  • Teach any game I have experience with, and to that end learn any game I know in advance people may wish to play for the first time.

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions for me, feel free to message me at Alvis1218#6447 on Discord, or come find me at weekly Board Games!

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Posted 1 year ago

On Rule 5 of the Code of Conduct

The Society Notes

  1. Rule 5 currently reads:

    We’re here to play games. We try to keep political debate out of the society’s activities. This rule exists to avoid heated debate about topics that genuinely have two sides, as opposed to anything that contradicts rule 2. The lived experiences of marginalised people will not be removed under this no politics rule. We ask that you refrain from discussion that could spark political debate at our events and in our online communities (like our Discord server).

  2. Rule 5 was changed due to a motion at our 2021 AGM, which had the following under point 4 of the society believes:

    While in an ideal world it may be nice to fully allow political discussion in the server (with its own channel, or at least spoiler-tagged), we currently do not have that kind of moderating capacity

  3. That the majority of discussion between moderators on whether action should be taken takes place around the application of rule 5

  4. That, when asked, none of the current exec or moderation team at the time of writing could report an incident where they've been asked by a non-exec or non-moderation team member to take action under the current rule 5

The Society Believes

  1. The current vague wording of rule 5 means that, anytime anything remotely political is mentioned on our Discord server, the moderation team has to have a discussion about whether it is intended to spark political debate or not
  2. At our events, we cannot ask our exec members to police discussions that are happening over whether or not they are political in nature
  3. Moderators are often required to step in when discussion gets heated, regardless of whether it's involved in politics or even if its directly related to the society's activites
  4. We should not cause undue stress to our exec members or moderation team by asking them to enforce rules that aren't actively supported by our membership

The Society Resolves

  1. To replace rule 5 with the following:

    We're here to play games. Our society spaces are not a space for heated debate. We ask that you keep an eye on how aggravated you or others are getting when discussing a topic, and move the conversation on where necessary.

  2. To update the moderation guidelines and the society website to reflect this new wording

  3. To continue to monitor the society's spaces and the workload of the moderation team to see if this change had a positive effect and whether Code of Conduct rules changes are required.
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Posted 1 year ago

On Rule 6 of the Code of Conduct

The Society Notes

  1. Rule 6 of the society's Code of Conduct reads:

    Our society should be a safe place for everyone to have fun. Like above, please avoid discussing potentially disturbing topics (such as gore and topics of a sexual nature) in public locations and channels without warning people who come across the material. Online, this should normally take the form of warnings at the beginning of a discussion and spoiler tags if available. Offline this is more difficult, so please use your common sense.

The Society Believes

  1. That discussion of material doesn’t cover every instance where someone could be made uncomfortable by material being presented (i.e. if someone brings pornographic material to our events and shows it to people.)
  2. That we tend to have a line between 18+ content that we don’t allow in our spaces and content that we do allow but require warnings for, and that the current wording doesn’t communicate this.

The Society Resolves

  1. To change rule 6 of our code of conduct to read:

    Our society should be a safe space for everyone to have fun. Do not share 18+ material in society spaces. Other material that is potentially disturbing should be accompanied by warnings for those who might come across it, whether that’s with content warnings and spoiler tags in online spaces or by giving people opportunity to not be privy to such discussions offline.

  2. To update our moderation guidelines and our society website to reflect this new wording.
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Posted 1 year ago

Hello, I am Lap (He/Him) and I will be running for CCGs Rep this year.

Who are you?

I am a 3nd Year Maths and Stats Student and the Assistant CCGs Rep for 2022-23. You would have most often seen me hopping around during CCGs on Thursdays and Draft on Tuesdays(and constantly asking people to play Terraforming cause it has cards!).

As slightly competitive player, CCGs fulfill both my desire to fight my friends with unique flair and socialising with others with a common interest, hence you will often see me playing commander or other multiplayer formats.
I was first dragged into this Society by a friend[1], and as time progressed, it has integrated itself to become a core part of my university experience. It is also through that I made friends with people that I would never be able to otherwise and pushed through the very turbulent Year 1, and for that, I am truly grateful and wish to maintain this environment for those to come.

What is your experience?

As the assistant RPGs Rep from 2021 to 2022 and assistant CCGs Rep from 2022 to 2023.
I have fulfilled my duty as an Exec in helping support the Running of the Society on several occasions, such as during society fairs and tabletop radio. Additionally I have persistently help eleviate other exec's workload such as tabletop weekend and welcome week.
I first started playing MTG back in 2018 and regularly played commander since then, I learnt YuGiOh in Year 1 and considers myself to be an active Netrunner player (not a very good one though).[2]
During the past year, I have set up CCGs nights, indoctrinate introduced new players to commander, organised and partook in several different CCGs events. I have also attempted to diversify our CCGs portfolio to include more CCGs for the society to support.

Why are you running?

To continue maintaining this environment that I adore; to encourage others to partake in an activity that I found enjoyable and to make it more accessible to newcomers. The follow list is what I will do to achieve these goals.

As the CCGs rep:

I will strive to continue Tabletop's proxy friendly envornment. Proxied commander deck will be added to the society's collection as a clear indicator and encouragement to new players of the society's stance and allow new players to play higher power level than a precon.
I will strive to form a closer bond and arrange more collaberation with Warwick Card Games(where a majority of our YuGiOh players are concentrated at), and hopeful introduce more new comers to the Dark Hole[3] that is YuGiOh. Collabration activity such as: History League games and many more.
I will aim to run more frequent introductory events for our different games and continue to look for games to include in our portfolio.
I will perform the duties of CCGs Rep ably such as, paying astute attention to manage player expectations, run weeky session, supporting tournaments and other formats, teaching new players.

[1] Thank you Marc.
[2] My "perfect" 50% tournement result
[3] Link to source

Everyone should have at least one plushy!

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Posted 1 year ago

Hi all, I'm Ethan (he/him) and I'll be running for

Role-Playing Games (RPGs) Rep.


  • 6 years of RPGs experience
  • A perfect, totally not scuffed quiz round in term one.
  • I ran a very eventful ALIEN game last term, with hopefully more to come.
  • Helping the current RPGs Rep sort and move a frankly comical amount of books.
  • Helping design this year's megagame.
  • Rocking up to exec meetings.
  • Gaining an ever-increasing interest in Warhammer lore.
  • Crashing multiple stock markets in the recent Big RPG.

Manifesto Time

If elected, I will:

  • Fulfil the obligations and duties of RPGs Rep to the best of my ability. Booking rooms, promoting games and events, and organising/running of themed events – such as the Big RPG, Intro to RPGs, and the obvious best, Halloweek.
  • Continue the focus on all RPGs, not just D&D. I’ve been lucky enough to be introduced to a ton of different RPGs these last two(ish) years in the society, like City of Mist, Spire, and my current favourite ALIEN. Obviously D&D is insanely popular, so I’d like to keep supporting D&D players and GMs, preferentially through avenues which don’t support WOTC’s insatiable thirst for money.
  • Try and get some more collaborations with other societies (hopefully).
  • Help out in other areas of the society.
  • I’d also love to be way more active in the Discord, highlighting new games, talking to other players and just generally vibing (although this will also happen even if not elected).

And that's the end! Thanks for reading.
If you have any questions or want to defend the Despicable Me minions to someone who loathes them, my Discord is Vortex_Creed_113#8446. Thanks again!

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Posted 12 months ago

I am Dan, running for draft rep. I plan on continuing with trying to have a varied schedule and will also look to include some constructed events due to popular demand.
I'm also comfortable teaching new people the game and will happily welcome people looking for both casual and competitive environments.

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Posted 12 months ago

Hello all, I am Alonso and I am going to be running for the position of


I have plenty of experience in the society, having joined during my first year and currently acting as assistant RPGs. As a result, I know the way we function and would love to help make it all work as well as possible. I have also collaborated with other major events such as the megagame which I helped organise and the latest Big RPG, meaning I understand the difficulty of properly organising events. I think I can help best by managing the finances of the society, given my experience in statistics in my economics degree (much to my own chagrin) and my current work placement, where I help with the financial department.

As Treasurer I would value reliability and availability most, meaning I prefer a job done fast and well over being particularly innovative. In particular, believe that larger projects such as the merch release are to be prioritised, alongside being quick when my attention is requested.

Overall, I think I am plenty capable for the position and I would love to help with the administraton of the society, see you later!

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