Incident on Greyrock

Incident on Greyrock
12 - 6 H0.44

Game System -
Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition is a highly popular TTRPG system, typically used for high fantasy settings but able to be adapted to others. The outcomes of your actions are usually decided by the roll of a twenty sided dice and the particular set of skills of your character.

Setting -
The Brimshaw Archipelago, once run by the great empire, has within the last few centuries fallen into the hands of the (ex-royal) guilds. Despite being long-inhabited, these isles are as unexplored as they are treacherous (almost as if one has some bearing on the other), making them attractive lands for prospective adventurers. Grand port cities, pirate havens, and great unexplored landscapes await those seeking a new life in these dangerous lands.

On the edge of this wild archipelago, the harvest festival draws near on the sleepy island of Pebblesea. All was going well until a small band of bedraggled, seaweed covered skeletons nearly destroyed a farmstead on the northwest side of the isle. An old island fort once turned prison, abandoned for centuries, lies off the main island, and you - a group of novice adventurers - have been offered a considerable sum to investigate.

This is a simple dungeon one-shot with limited homebrew content (created by me).

I’d encourage making your own characters, which I can walk you through (preferably before the day, message me on discord: Abnermal#1529 if you’d like a hand). I’d also encourage using DnDBeyond, a very helpful website for character creation. Although content on this site must be purchased to be added to your character, I have much of it and can add it if you would like. Characters are to be level 3 with fixed hit-points, using point-buy for stats, and any official core content can be used.

Ran by: Francis ( Abnermal )

Players: 4/4