2018/19 Term 1 Week 10 Exec Meeting Minutes

6 Dec 2018

Posted by Ares ( Avatar for morrowkei morrowkei )

You can view the full powerpoint minutes for this meeting here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1LxEeHAt3xpHIIFhVb186lmgC9TBlCC6dsRHlkp2-s/edit?usp=sharing This meeting was conducted on 06/12/2018 at 1600 in B2.04/5

Exec Present: Ares (Sec.) Nigel (Pres.) Patrick (Boardgames) Finnbar (News Dude) Callum (RPGs) Jon (RPGs Ass.) Ellie (CCGs Ass.) Josh (CCGs) Jakub (LARP)

Exec Absent: Nathan (Treasurer) Tim (LARP Ass.) Ash (Web Admin.)

Orders of Business: Reminders/Updates

  1. Game Design Update
  2. CCGs Tournament Debrief
  3. Exec Handover Document 3.5. AGM
  4. RPGs grievances
  5. Website update suggestions
  6. 3D printing ideas?

Reminders/Updates: Info/To Discuss:

  1. Any more info on B2.02 cupboards?
  2. If you can’t do your allotted exec duties, YOU MUST FIND SOMEONE TO COVER FOR YOU IN ADVANCE!
  3. Bit late but remember about advertising the society hoodie!
  4. Buying other bits a. Sleeves for board games b. Play mats for society general use
  5. Secret Sith - need to make sure this is printed/laminated for board games


  1. Asa has said he has no idea who our old physics PhD who negotiated the cupboard deal is. Now directed towards Old Rob; Nigel will contact Old Rob.
  2. -
  3. Will remind you start of term 2 to advertise these
  4. Will discuss this next exec meeting
  5. Patrick will do this start of term 2 because he’s away over Christmas (reminder next exec meeting).

1. Game Design Update (Finnbar) Info/To Discuss:

  • Turns out Game Design like the idea as well
  • Suggested weekend of week 7, term 2
  • Not sure whether to start Friday evening (Game Design usually do this) or Saturday morning
  • End Sunday midday, leaving plenty of time for playtesting that afternoon (advertised as a separate thing you can just join for)
  • Discussed possibility of two talks - one aimed at game design lot (about board games) and one aimed at board games lot (about game design) - the former is partially written, latter Game Design will try to sort
  • Should buy cheap and useful components for making games between the two societies (stuff like wooden cubes, meeples, paper, index cards). My notes say “basically buy Wilkos”...
  • Or use compsocs 3D printing maybe? ;)


  • Boardgameextras do low prices for board game components online
  • Book a room now, cancel it later if necessary
  • Normal tt weekend booking (sat, sun)
  • B2.04/5 is good, amongst our other rooms we use for board games
  • If we dont need overnight, we can get an oculus room
  • Talk to GD Dan about overnight and final dates/times (Finnbar)
  • Come back to this topic at the start of term 2

2. CCGs Tournament Debrief (Ellie) Info/To Discuss:

  • Pleasantly surprised at the turnout we got
  • Yu gi oh!: 7 cov, 1 war
  • Modern: 5 cov, 3 war
  • For next time, we should have society hoodies?
  • There will possibly be a next time???


  • Ellie can follow up (with Finnbar) whether there’ll be another one

3. Exec Handover Document Info/To Discuss:

  • I have made a template for the document, including suggestions as to what to include, in the google drive
  • This isn’t a final polished document - it’s more a place to just write down everything and paste various bits in, to make sure everything that’s needed gets included in the final document
  • I would like everyone to give their respective areas serious consideration over the holidays, and write stuff in the doc!
  • Next term I will start properly compiling a neat, final document, and more updates on that will come closer to the time.


  • I will repost the drive link on the facebook group and repin it if necessary
  • Offload all old drive stuff into the new drive
  • Will discuss what we want to change about our role/events in the Facebook group - Nigel will create a post about this. (For example, changing TT weekend to week 3 and week 9).
  • Can then add this as advice to the new exec in the handover document

3.5 AGM Info/To Discuss:

  • Last year: AGM was during week 8, wednesday (hijacking board games)
  • This year: do it the same time; it will be during board games in LIB1
  • Need to advertise starting at the beginning of term 2


  • Need to start thinking about your successors!!!
  • If you’re going to run “if necessary,” don’t publicise this until the day if no one else is running

4. RPGs Grievances Info/To Discuss: Chain of succession: First, your DM > Callum (as RPGs rep) > Welfare Officer > James (Equal Opps) > Nigel as President, or any other exec in the society

Actions: Need to make this kind of process explicit Put it on the website - create a website page (static) about issues like this (basically an FAQ)

5. Website Update Suggestions Info/To Discuss:

  • Anonymous complaints form (URGENT!!)
  • Exec minutes somewhere other than the forum?
  • The preview for forum posts doesn’t quite match what it looks like when published but this is a minor issue
  • Once I set up a google calendar for the society, embedding this into the schedule page might be a good idea?
  • Other minor fixes (red notification bell when there are notifications, ask for real name optionally on sign up).
  • Give Callum (RPGs rep in general) more permissions on the forum
  • Moving threads from one forum to another removes all the formatting
  • Create the FAQ page for things like proxy rulings and RPGs grievances


  • Put exec meeting minutes under the “exec” tab on the website; needs discussion with Ares about how they’d like the minutes to look.
  • Discuss these suggestions with Ash to be implemented when there's time (Finnbar)

6. 3D Printing Ideas? Info/To Discuss:

  • Could we get our sponsor to print a 3D version of our logo as quiz prizes….??
  • Wargames terrain has been suggested in the past on several occasions, but we now have too much terrain after the recent donation
  • Old banner - the plastic bit on the top


  • Point members in the direction of the pocket workshop to get minis

Next Meeting Info/To Discuss (Focussing):

  • Week 1 next term! (or a prelim meeting in week 0 if enough people are around)
  • Update on all the bits done over Christmas (Ares)
  • Reminder about all the bits that need doing (Ares)
  • RPG one shot day (Callum)
  • Any update on Game Design collab (Finnbar)