2019/2020 Term 3 Week 8 - Radio Ga Ga!

11 Jun 2020

Posted by Anakin ( Avatar for Anakin Anakin )

Anakin has many anxieties and writing is one of them. As a belated Christmas present to myself, I shall conquer my fears!

You shall find the messy slides I use to write these minutes and run the meetings with links like these Google Slides.

This meeting was conducted on 11/06/2020 at 15:00-16:00 via discord, via the exec meeting voice channel on the main discord. Continue reading to see an extremely boring pattern. Thanks Covid!

Published 6/01/2021


Exec Present

Anakin (Vice President) Finnbar (President) Seb (CCGs Rep) Oli (Assistant RPGs Rep) Alex (BGs Rep) Henry (Draft Rep) Jared (Assistant CCGs Rep) Nathan (Quartermaster) Ares (Co-Op Officer) Thomas (Wed Admin) Sol (RPGs Rep) James (LARP Rep) Benji (Treasurer) Jon C (Wargames Rep)

Exec Absent

None! Yay!

Non-Exec Present

Callum (Ex-Pres) Jakub (Ex-LARP Rep) Jon B (Ex-RPGs Rep) Ali (Ex-CCGs Rep) AJ Ryan

Order of Business

  1. Tabletop Radio
  2. Quiz
  3. Advertising Guidelines


Reminders and Updates

  1. Had to remind everyone what week it was. Not even Finnbar knew! Test streams were happening too I guess.
  2. We had some ideas of reaching affiliate on Twitch for Radio but getting followers was hard. A reminder to the exec to follow the channel, and of course our few guess appearances this meeting.

1. (Tabletop) Radio Ga Ga

A lot of advertising was needed. We needed to make sure these streams were watched! What's more is wanted material for interludes to advertise so that was also advertised. A lot of this was procrastinated due to... well you know when this was going on.

Some final sign ups for segments were organised too!

2. Quiz

Soon after Tabletop Radio, Finnbar had a quiz to run! Their last quiz laughs in vice president. Six rounds and a bonus round is the norm and our line-up was: - Ares - Callum - Jon B - Jakub - Thomas - Sol - Finnbar

Thomas was the excellent web-admin they usually are and set up the discord immediately while Anakin is blind and missed the date already decided. Nice one past self!

3. Advertising Guidelines

As an exec we've seen a lot of people come forward to us (or not and just post it without consent) with things they want advertised to our members. We came to the conclusion that advertising should be first and foremost relevant. Other societies wanting advertising should advertise our own events. Individuals should be members, and most favourably known to the society. Companies and Kickstarters should be sponsors and/or known by the society (Our perfect example being Pocket Workshop).

Next Meeting

Next meeting we're discussing the few remaining events of the year. This is Tabletop Extrav and Megagame. We also wanted to discuss the uses of Twitch and Just Giving in the future (after Radio).