2019/20 Term 1 Week 10 Exec Meeting Minutes

4 Dec 2019

Posted by Finnbar ( Avatar for finnbar finnbar )

I couldn't be bothered for this meeting and it was going to be very freeform so I didn't make slides. Hopefully the notes are still legible though! Also Merry Christmas!

You can't view the full PowerPoint meeting minutes because there aren't any! Haha! The meeting was conducted on 4/12/19 at 1000-1100 in MS.A1.01 (which is a real room) Published a few hours later! Wow!


Exec Present

Finnbar (Secretary) Callum (President) Benjamin (Treasurer) Jakub (LARP) Josh (Boardgames) Jon Bell (RPGs) Anakin (Assistant RPG) Ellie (CCGs) Ares (Draft, Graphic Design) Thomas (Web Admin)

Exec Absent (all with apologies)

Jon Cheah (Wargames) Tim (Quartermaster) Luke (Comms)

Orders of Business

There were none! It was a freeform meeting.


Website Features!

  • Some kind of notifications for when events are near.
    • Issue: currently there's no parseable date entry so we can't automatically make a notification.
    • Could add an extra "notify at" field.
    • This is to do with people not showing up at special drafts - could instead use SU ticketing for these? Issue is that most of these boxes are bought via Facebook (difficult to reimburse). Depends massively on the draft. Just try to not lose money pls :p
    • Could even use an alternative ticketing service! Please don't make one Thomas.
    • Special drafts have been fixed by redistributing via chaos (chaos)
  • Special events calendar (general notice: please inform Thomas with events to add to calendar)
    • Could add reminders for such events!
  • Event tags? So you can follow such a tag (e.g. wargames) and get notified when that's happening.
    • Difficult in current system...
    • Could have tag autocomplete. Difficult when it's all in the same box, and multipart is a pain (both accessibility and they just don't work).
    • Could have preset tags with parts of soc (so you can easily select wargs events etc)

Important point: get a GitHub, add issues when you have feature ideas or see bugs. Or tell Thomas.

Thomas is going to update the forum too, wow. (wrt notifications, lockability)

  • Notifications from the website on Discord?
    • Yeah, throw the newsletter ones!
    • Probably do #auto-notifications (issue: will probably be muted) or #newsletters (issue: channel bloat).
    • Need to think of a cute name for the webhook. Cpt. Hook of the S.S. Tagarople :P More seriously it can take the name of the poster.

Sustainability Action Plan

Anakin speaks for the trees.

  • We're actually good at sustainability! (There's a document with feedback, but Anakin doesn't have it yet...)
    • We auctioned things instead of trashing them!
    • We don't do big trips!
  • Are our hoodies from fairtrade sources? (Likely not...)
  • Limit plastic bottles, packaging and rubbish for providing food at events. Could get a large jug and tell people to bring their small bottles. Could run events near water fountain...
  • In the end, it's an awareness thing: promote reuse etc.
  • Could just buy reusable water bottles? (for LARP, big events)
    • Society branded bottles???
  • Keep badges etc on demand.
  • Stick to UK sources for games.

Anakin will upload the document.

Term 1 Retrospective

We do so much, might be good to find an Event Rep. (Please.......)

Tabletop Weekends

  • For rescue shifts in future, consider the buses. (e.g. Anakin's rescue was two hours too early.)


  • Advertise earlier. Get PW earlier.
    • Handover doc: have list of events and when to start advertising.
  • Advertise starting at 5:30 (half an hour for collecting money etc). Because nobody arrives on time. Could have a longform round to do during that time.
  • Quiz rounds need to be vetted properly, will ask for them much earlier (one week before).
  • Callum will pay this in ASAP. Will be allocated to draft for cube.
  • Don't go to the Duck when it's open mic night. Could consider Graduate?
  • Basically Finnbar made a bit of a mess of this. Whoops.

Escape Room

  • Was hugely successful, don't get only two people to set up.
  • I've already written a postmortem in the past.

Postgrad Boardgames

  • There's a list in Factions/Boardgames, find it and add to the list in Treasurer Trove.
  • Also look at #purchase-suggestions. Callum did add things that were in stock at the time...
  • TODO: check this list. [After meeting note: Callum immediately did this.]


  • Consider 1856 and Warhammer Quest.
  • Delay next auction for a while.

Term 2 Events

Big RPGs

  • Jon says "aaa". The Team will do work over Christmas.
  • Already got PDF, have advertised for GMs (got 9 so far), all is in progress.
  • Budget needed.

Murder Mystery

  • Jakub says "pbthfffftb".
  • Started, concept made. Needs to be written up. Team made (Tim/Jakub mainly).
  • Week 7 weekend. Room unbooked.


  • Finnbar says "oh no".
  • We'll have to consider successors and all that.
  • Week 8 Wednesday.

Game Design Collab

  • Week 6 weekend.
  • In progress, rooms booked, don't need to buy much etc.

Last Comments

  • Handover document will need completing before next exec, so consider putting in work over Christmas! Otherwise you'll be working during term and that's not ideal
  • Put pronouns on site thx