2019/20 Term 2 Week 9 BUMPER HANDOVER Exec Meeting Minutes

4 Mar 2020

Posted by Finnbar ( Avatar for finnbar finnbar )

So, this is the final exec meeting under my guidance. I'd put a joke here, but I used up all my jokes during the quiz yesterday so I'll just use this space to thank you all for another great year at Tabletop! I'm sure Anakin's meeting minutes will be as thrilling as exec meeting minutes can be, and I hope I can do a wonderful job as your President! As long as I'm allowed to stay here and thus stay President, I wish PhD admissions would get back to me....

You can view the full PowerPoint meeting minutes on Google Slides.

This meeting was conducted on 4/3/2020 at 1200-1400 in A0.28, which is a mysterious room in Milburn House.

Published 7/3/20.


For this meeting we had all the new and old exec. As such, we've got some exciting new notation: each person is labelled Outgoing → Incoming, with either side being left blank if they're not in the old or new exec respectively.

Exec Present

  • Finnbar (Vice President → President)
  • Anakin (Assistant RPGs → Vice President)
  • Callum (President →)
  • Jon C (Wargames → Wargames)
  • Jon B (RPGs →)
  • Sol (→ RPGs)
  • Nathan (→ Quartermaster)
  • Alex (→ Board Games)
  • Jakub (LARP →)
  • Benjamin (Treasurer → Treasurer)
  • Sebastian (→ CCGs)
  • Henry (→ Draft)
  • Thomas (Web Admin → Web Admin)
  • Ares (Draft → Co-Op)
  • James (→ LARP)
  • Luke (Comms →)
  • Ellie (CCGs →)
  • Josh (Board Games →)

Exec Absent (with apologies)

  • Tim (Quartermaster →)

Non-Exec Present (although some of them became exec)

  • Oli (→ Assistant RPGs)
  • Jared (→ Assistant CCGs)
  • Charles (was just here for the ride)

Orders of Business

  1. Election of Appointed Roles
  2. Handover Documentation
  3. The Handover Process
  4. How To SU Real Good, including Room Bookings
  5. How To Use The Banner
  6. Effectively Advertising Events
  7. Badges/Hoodies/Merch
  8. Holiday Room Bookings
  9. Union Awards


Reminders and Updates

  1. We're dealing with SocsMark right now (as it's due Friday), so please listen out for Discord pings as Ares tries to collect evidence. [After meeting note: we submitted on time, thanks Ares and everyone else who contributed!]
  2. The quiz is this Friday! Please come! Please submit quiz rounds if you're meant to and haven't yet! [After meeting note: not as many people turned up as we'd like, but it was very, very fun!]

1. Election of Appointed Roles

We have a collection of appointed roles that need filling, which we'll need to vote on. Let's go through these quickly!

  • Safety Officer (currently Jakub) - James was voted in unanimously.
  • Welfare Officer (currently Thomas) - Anakin and Ellie stood, with Anakin being elected.
  • Equal Opportunities Officer (currently Benjamin) - Benjamin stood and got reelected.
  • Graphic Design Officer (currently Ares) - Ares was reelected.
  • Assistant RPGs - Oli stood at the AGM, didn't get the elected position, but was duly elected Assistant RPGs Rep.
  • Assistant CCGs - Jared also stood at the AGM and didn't get the elected position, but got Assistant CCGs Rep. Ellie also stood for this but didn't get it.

With that, our exec is complete and my goodness we have a lot of people.

2. Handover Documentation

There's a Society Handover Pack which needs to be completed before the end of this term. This consists of the following:

  • Exec Sheet - the personal details of all the exec. We did this in the meeting.
  • Memorandum of Understanding - an agreement written by the SU detailing how we and the SU act. Finnbar has to sign this.
  • Equipment Inventory - details all the stuff we own as a society. We will have to just guess due to the number and variety of things we own, but we have a good average value of games to work with that we worked out last year. (£30 per game in the inventory.)
  • Risk Assessment - as it says on the tin. This is to be done by the Safety Officer, who will consult with the previous Safety Officer.
  • Action Plan - a plan for how we're gonna get new members and continue to grow as a society. We can write this as a group.

Regardless, that's some fun for us to deal with.

3. The Handover Process

This is just the details of handover for all of the new exec! In short, don't worry, but this is how it'll be done.

  1. Before Term 3: old exec handover individually, offering guidance on their role and finishing their sections of the handover document.
  2. Start of Term 3: new exec take over the day-to-day of the society. The old exec will still be around to help and offer advice.
  3. Sometime during Term 3: handover meal! Handover trip to IKEA! I’m so excited.
  4. Summer: discussion of Welcome Week.
  5. End of Summer: old exec leave the Discord server, heartfelt goodbyes.

Basically, the new exec will be in control from Term 3. Don't be afeared!

4. How To SU Real Good, Including Room Bookings

A bunch of training was provided by the old exec at this point. To briefly summarise:

  1. Finance Forms: use the online Finances section to get your money reimbursed. Please also notify Benjamin when you fill this in, and add to our Society Spending Spreadsheet.
  2. Finance Web: lets you see the state of our finances. You don't need to worry about this much unless you're Benjamin.
  3. Room Bookings and Timetabling: there's a website for booking rooms. There's also a website for looking at timetables, which you can use as proof that the Society has a room.
  4. Getting Stuff Posted to the SU: there's an address saved in Discord for when you want packages to be sent to the SU. It needs to include your name and the society name. It'll either be at the SU reception or in the SU Resources Room (the latter of which is where you go if you want to ask stuff to the SU generally).

5. How To Use The Banner

In order to show the new exec how to put up the banner, we presented two demos of putting up and taking down the banner. Jon C did a demo for short people, which I scored 8/10, while Anakin did a demo for tall people, which I scored 6/10 for forgetting to open the feet of the banner. The salient points are as follows:

  • Unfold the rod, put it in the base of the banner so that it is secured in the hole (resting in the right part of the bottom of the base).
  • Slowly pull the banner up, then pull the top of the banner at an angle so you can get the top of the rod (the large block thingy) into the groove at the top of the banner.
  • If you're tall, unfold the feet of the banner before doing all of this, otherwise unfold them now.

Also, it lives in the middle cupboard please.

6. Effectively Advertising Events

We've had issues getting advertisements out too late in the past, so we introduced a reminder bot and a schedule for advertising events on Discord. Please keep to this!

7. Badges / Hoodies / Merch

With new exec comes new hoodies! We'll do a hoodie order soon, Benjamin is on it (for now: advertise that there'll be one soon on the slides). We'll also do badges again, and Finnbar can talk to Pocket Workshop.

8. Holiday Room Bookings

We'll be running Easter events soon. Three questions:

  • What events? We'll run Warboardgames on Monday afternoons, but Jon C will poll to make sure of this. Ares will poll CCGs just in case CCGs people want a different day.
  • Who's booking the rooms, and what rooms? MSB and Westwood are the best ones. Jon C / Anakin will sort this.
  • Who's around to run the events? Jon C is crowned Holiday Officer, and as such will rule the Holidays.

9. Union Awards

The Union Awards (previously just Societies Awards) are now open for nominations. We discussed how to apply, which depends on how the SU are doing this - do multiple nominations increase our chance of getting it, or is only one nomination required? (So, should we do one very strong nomination written by exec, or just allow for a free-for-all?) We'll ask about this.

We'll all work on nominations together for now. These are the categories that we discussed:

  • Best Society
  • Best Event - could be megagame, escape room, big RPGs, that one board games session...
  • Outstanding Contribution by Exec / Non-Exec (specifies standard member) is for individuals to write.

Next Meeting

  • Exec Photos on the website (and opt-outs)