9 Jun 2023

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You can view the meeting on the Google Slides here

This meeting was conducted at 3-4pm on 09/06/2023 via Discord.

These minutes were published on 17/06/2023.


Exec Present:

  • Ben
  • Alonso
  • Alysha
  • James
  • Lap
  • Matthew
  • Ethan
  • Isaac
  • Adam

Non-Exec Present:

  • Reylynn
  • Lawful Tim
  • Benji

Exec Absent:

  • Kelsey (work)
  • Alvis (train)
  • Liam (London)
  • Mina (in a chemistry lab)
  • Dan

Orders of Business

Action Point Recap


  • WISA is a thing!
  • Moderation! (of the Discord, although moderating things is generally a good thing)- Lap is on it!
  • Do your money requests! (this totally isn’t a reminder for myself as well so I finally submit the MR for Thirsty Sword Lesbians)
  • We own Thirsty Sword Lesbians now!
  • Ben is currently re-updating all the SU perms for the new exec (it’s a silly and clunky system, and takes a lot of clicking) so woo I guess


Action Point Recap

Ben and Lewis to sign society constitution on handover doc- DONE Faction reps to complete planned purchases- DONE Send handover doc- DONE Mina and Isaac do website- ISAAC DONE Find 2+ exec for WISA- NOT DONE Ben and Alysha to do moderator applications by 27th May- DONE Lap, Kelsey and Alysha to clean Tabletop drive- IN PROGRESS Kelsey send exec rosta for open days- DONEE Someone to find the business cards promo on the drive and send to Alonso- DONE Alonso to order 300+ business cards (may be difficult because he is in Belgium)- DONE Kelsey to register us for Socsfest and send out a rosta- DONE Alvis to send out rosta for tabletop extravaganza- DONE Ben to do official SU ticketing for Megagame- DONE Matthew to confirm Kenilworth Castle- DONE Kelsey send Lap schedule for upcoming events- DONE Kelsey or ben to book Varsity for open week, after ‘meet the exec’- NOT DONE Factions to clear out cupboards and throw stuff away!- IN PROGRESS Send Lap ANY modern(ish) photos from Tabletop- IN PROGRESS Ben or Kelsey to send out exec training sheet- DONE Kelsey (or someone) buy goods for tabletop quiz- NOT DONE

Exec Training

Anna and Emma’s Big Training Happy Fun Time (Tuesday and Wednesday, 20th and 21st June -Week 9) Yay, Anna sent us the signup sheet! Who has signed up? (Matthew, James, Mina but for Pride….)- Alysha will if they’re free A Ben request - please lmk any feedback you have so I can annoy Anna about it.

But Wait, There’s More! (Yaaaaay /s) On the SU Website, there’s a load of exec training. You can find it here!: https://www.warwicksu.com/societies-sports/exec-resources/responsibilities/exec-training/ Please give it a read through when you have the time. I love bureaucracy- (Ben) Ben and Alonso need to flick through all of it

Soc Fairs and SocFest

Let’s check the duty rosters! Please sign up if you feel able to! A note from Ben- I do genuinely feel awful for missing these, it’s my duty as President to step up for stuff like this and I appreciate it might irritate some of you that I’m not doing my job. I’ll be on as many of these as I humanly can next AY, I promise. Kelsey also feels bad for not being able to be there on June 17th and will try super hard to get there for afternoon bit of soc fest (in Greece 11-21st June) James will help set up - even on duty Adam will speak to Liam

WHAT DO PEOPLE WANT TO SHOW OFF? Wargs: Kill Team? Draft CCGs RPGs: RPG books LARP: A sword BGs

Other T3 Events

Quiz! Rooms? Booked Hotel? Trivago Do we have enough rounds? Prizes?

Megagame Meeting on Tuesday: all according to plan? Tickets will be available SOON (Friday)

Writing Festival- was on Tuesday 6th- how was it? Quiet But then got busier when Alysha was on their own Older PHD students Not the worst

Tabletop Radio? Matthew, Lils, Josh and Jupiter- scheduling issues - getting stuff sorted Meeting next week! Lots of segment ideas! - timeslots getting sorted- ideas- message Lils and the others!

James, do we need to sort anything for Kenilworth? (like cars, for example) Nathan’s car a probable thing Members tend to make their own way - might want to research

Welcome Week

LARP, Wargs, RPGs - events submitted Other factions - please get your events up soon! We will have a meeting in the week before Welcome Week over Discord to finalise duties and who is going to be there for what and go over the expectations/plans- if you need non-exec there (for example, CCGs who might need to drag some Yu-Gi-Oh Players along, start recruiting them soon so people can make travel plans) Lap to start looking into helpers for CCGs Please encourage any experienced players you have who might be around and who are happy to teach games.

Draft, Money and the SU Please do not commit fraud Dan has proposed a system- system is good - will write up in a sec EGM?

Storage Wars

Clearing out the top part of the RPGs/BGs/CCGs cupboard - as raised by Lap and Ethan People at TT Extravangaza maybe to lead on? Laminator storage Need to get the laminator PAC tested? Once it goes into storage So buy the laminator, use it, then get it PAC tested

Adam: Suitcases James has stuff in his room. Not ideal We do need to find a place for it Over summer in DCS Office- Liam means to store it in Lea’s office

We Need To Talk About AI

“it must be clarified whether the society stands for or against actions of theft and infringement by AI companies, as neutrality by a group such as ours that allows its use is an effective endorsement of the pro-AI side”

AOB/ORB We still need a Graphic Design Officer - Alysha will pop it in the Newsletter Do we need to find a New Lap? Or possibly Two New Laps? - Mina potentially taking over CCGs and tech- Adam maybe. Term 1 by-election Lap to start advertising- probably gap between the term Ben made friends with people. Now they want to talk about OFFICIAL THINGS DCS- welcome week- Ben will deal with formally SIGN UP FOR THE EXEC TRAINING! PLEASE!