2019/20 Term 2 Week 1 Exec Meeting Minutes

8 Jan 2020

Posted by Finnbar ( Avatar for finnbar finnbar )

Welcome to the new term! I already feel like I'm behind and it's only week 2! Hahahahahaha

You can view the full PowerPoint meeting minutes on Google Slides.

This meeting was conducted on 8/1/20 at 1300-1400 in B2.02

Published on the extremely reasonable date of 13/1/20


Exec Present

Finnbar (Secretary) Callum (President) Benjamin (Treasurer) Jakub (LARP) Josh (Boardgames) Jon Cheah (Wargames) Jon Bell (RPGs) Luke (Comms) Anakin (Assistant RPG) Ellie (CCGs) Ares (Draft, Graphic Design) Thomas (Web Admin)

Exec Absent

Tim (Quartermaster, without apologies. Please, Tim.)

Orders of Business

  1. The next exec
  2. The upcoming term
  3. Holiday Officer
  4. The Joana thing
  5. Anything else


Reminders and Updates

  1. Thank you to everyone for sorting the "give it a go calendar"! Shame that the SU messed up and listed the wrong events, but what can you do.
  2. RPG Intros is this weekend! [After meeting note: all was good, except I didn't get to run my one-shot. :( Also we overbooked the pub, big time.]
  3. Website was updated - mostly under the hood but you can now display special events on the front page and they'll automatically remove themselves once they're done. That's pretty cool.
  4. Volunteering is starting next week. Benjamin and Finnbar are on top of it.
  5. Newsletter survey only has a few answers - keep answering it please! (Dear reader, you can also answer it on SurveyMonkey.)

1. The Next Exec

The AGM is this term wooo. We need at least one person to run for each exec position. Are current exec thinking of running again? (Dear reader: you can run for these exec positions! And please do, it'd be really lovely to have a next exec.)

  • President: Callum definitely isn't here. Anakin is thinking of running!
  • Secretary: Finnbar is scrambling at PhD options, so if there's a chance they'll be here next year, they'll rerun. At worst Ares will rise up and replace them.
  • Treasurer: Benjamin is likely to rerun.
  • Wargames: Jon is likely to rerun.
  • Draft: Ares isn't rerunning. But Raghav has apparently said he's interested! Which is good, he'd be good.
  • Boardgames: Josh isn't rerunning.
  • CCGs: Ellie isn't rerunning.
  • RPGs: Jon isn't rerunning, but this role will definitely be okay.
  • LARP: Jakub isn't rerunning.
  • Quartermaster: Tim doesn't seem to be rerunning but he wasn't at the meeting so we can't confirm.
  • Comms: Luke isn't rerunning.
  • Web Admin: Thomas will likely rerun.

In other news, please send Luke a short summary of your role so he can publish it in the newsletter. Get hyped.

2. The Upcoming Term

The next term has numerous special events, so let's make sure they're going to be okay!

  • Big RPGs: In a good place, need to get the tickets up ASAP. There's still not a lot to buy but that's okay. Also need to sort starting time!
  • Game Design Collab: It’s happening, room is booked. Need to buy some supplies but significantly fewer than last time (will discuss with Dan Illet).
  • Murder Mystery: Story made but needs finishing. Survey made, needs to be publicised ASAP. The date/time will be chosen based on survey responses. Advertise this urgently.
  • AGM: I’ve done no preparation for this, but we have a strict schedule to follow unless the SU have changed things again. Best theme ideas on a postcard, please.
  • Laserquest: What are lasers. What are quests. We haven't organised this yet.

3. Holiday Officer

Currently, Nigel is listed as Holiday Officer on our website and Discord. Notably, he stood down from this role. We decided that we'll leave it empty for now, even though Luke made the important point that "everyone is the Holiday Officer, like Father Christmas".

4. The Joanna Thing

Benjamin has been talking to Joanna, who is organising The Smile Project, a charity project "[aiming] to spread happiness" throughout campus on Friday 17th Jan (Week 2). Benjamin suggested helping by lending them board games for people to just turn up and play. We'll be given an advertising slide, and it'll be entirely on our terms, so will be in B2.02 from 4pm. Furthermore, there will be exec around to help! Thank you, exec.

5. Anything Else

I made a slide to put any extra stuff. Jon Cheah mentioned an X-Wing tournament, which he'll be sorting soon™. Get hyped!

Next Meeting

  1. Results of the newsletter survey (focussing Luke)
  2. Special events rep? (focussing Benjamin)
  3. Upcoming Board Games Weekend